City of Big Red-light Cameras



According to the AOL Auto Staff, Chicago is 8th on the list of the  top ten  biggest metropolitan speed traps. Chicago won this distinction by having the most red-light cameras of any American city.  Of course, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel would argue that the proliferation of red-light cameras makes for a safer Windy City.   The revenue Emanuel gets from the red-light cameras also  helps take the red out of his budget .

AOL regurgitated  the  report from Trapster, a community of 15 million drivers that monitors traffic violations across the nation.  It is pointed out that cities don’t pay for the cameras, and  split the lucre 50-50 with the company that installs them. The report also  alleges  that some unscrupulous cities shorten the yellow interval to augment their take.   Something  Chi-town wouldn’t think of doing.  Ya thunk!

In any event  Chicago has become a red-light district. Just like in dem glorious hinky days of old.

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  • The article should've mentioned that the city of Chicago has usurped $69 million from motorists just in 2010. In addition and contrast with most other cities this Chicago chose not to lease their cameras or have the service provided but spent millions of dollars to purchase them. The city of Chicago also spent $50 million for a five year service contract with Redflex, the camera vendor but yet claims to lack the necessary funding for an ongoing maintenance program for the traffic signals.

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    The red light cameras don't make me feel safer on the road. I'm sure that there are more rear-end accidents from people slamming on their brakes trying to avoid a ticket.

  • The red light cameras make me feel creepy and observed. And now we're getting more--those speeding cameras at schools, "for the children."

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