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Clinton Goes to Wisconsin. Will It Be Enough to Beat Walker?

Bill Clinton is bringing his matinee star power to Wisconsin to energize the Democratic base a few days before the recall election of Republican Governor Scott Walker. So said The Nation’s John Nichols today on the Ed Schultz radio show.The anti-Union, anti-Labor Walker is being challenged by Democrat Tom Barrett, the mayor of Milwaukee. The race is... Read more »

George Will's Inverse Law of Politics, or Why Donald Trump is a Bloviating Ignoramus

I’m not a Donald Trump fan. In my opinion he’s pure flim-flam. So imagine how delighted I was to hear that  George Will called Trump “a bloviating ignoramus”.    Will’s candor was refreshing. And spot-on. The forum for Will’s erudite verbal ballistic missile was this past Sunday on This Week on ABC. Will , in typical form, was... Read more »

Peace on Memorial Day

On Memorial Day we honor all  the men and women in military sevrice and, especially, those  who died  defending our country.  The latter, in Lincoln’s memorable phrase,  gave their last full measure of devotion. Memorial Day began in 1868 to pay tribute to  the fallen Union soldiers in the Civil War.  It has evolved into  a day that commemorates the casualities in... Read more »

Reagan's Blood and Other Relics

The blood of Ronald Reagan will not be on the hands of a private owner after all. A British auction house says the anonymous consignor has had a change of heart.  Instead he will donate the vial of dried blood—a grisly reminder  of the attempted assasination of the 4oth president  on that fateful March day in 1981—to the... Read more »

Call Him Doctor Shaq

Shaquille O’Neal took center stage To get his doctorate degree. My plaudits to this lofty sage Who must have been BMOC.

With a Losing Streak Matching the Number on the Supreme Court Bench, Whom Do the Cubs Bench?

The Cubs’ current loss streak hit  nine, Which is not  good for their bottom line. Yes, it won’t sell more tickets, But may make the Ricketts Put pressure on Theo Epstein.

A Great Book to Commemorate Titanic's 100th Anniversary

If you can’t get  enough of the Titanic a century after it sunk, I have just the book for you: “Voyagers of the Titanic—Passengers, Sailors, Shipbuilders, Aristocrats, and the Worlds They Came From” by Richard Davenport-Hines. 1517 people perished in this monumental  maritime disaster.  723 survived.  Indelibly scarred,   physically, emotionally, psychologically   .  Davenport-Hines fleshes out  the personal and... Read more »

Displaying the Wrong Message in Massachusetts

It seems a sign in front of a Catholic church in Massachusetts has ignited a fiery response from  same-sex marriage proponents. Presumably, the pastor of St. Francis Xavier parish in Acushnet put this billboard message outside his church: “Two men are friends, not spouses.”  An array of dissenting signs were hung on a nearby fence... Read more »

Arizona Secretary of State a Stealth Birther?

My cousin Michael D’Asta and his family live in Arizona. He flies commercial jets for a living. Last time I heard he was taking people to Hawaii. He may be up in the clouds a lot, but, metaphorically, his feet have always been firmly on the ground. Not like his flighty secretary of state, Ken... Read more »

Kerry Wood: Fortune's Flameout

Cub pitcher Kerry Wood once had The Hall of Fame in view. His luck decidedly was bad. He will retire. Who knew?