Romney Is Guaranteed To Fail, Says Conservative Insider


A guru in the conservative wing of the Republican party, Richard Viguerie, is convinced that by  nominating Mitt Romney as its presidential standard-bearer, the GOP would be committing a suicidal blunder. Appearing on the Ed Schultz radio show today, Viguerie—chairman of and a Rick Santorum supporter—pulled no punches. He said that in the last 50 years, the Republican candidate who either was or was perceived as a moderate met defeat.  To wit: Nixon in 1964, Ford in 1976, GHW Bush in 1992, and McCain in 2008.

The informed opinion of 78-year-old Viguerie should not be lightly dismissed. His conservative pedigree is widely recognized and goes back to the heyday of vintage Republican conservatism of Goldwater and Reagan.

Viguerie told Schultz that he met with other conservative rainmakers and the consensus was that of the two leading Republican candidates, only Santorum has genuine conservative bona fides.

Viguerie believes that the Republican establishment and the SuperPacs which have pours millions of dollars into negative ads have prevented Santorum from getting his message  effectively out.  Viguerie adamantly  refuses to concede the nomination to Romney. He sees a contested convention ahead. And a Santorum ticket as the end game.

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