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A Footnote to Rose's Mishap

Note: The designer of Lebron James Nike shoes tweeted that Derrick Rose may have made the wrong choice when he signed a 14-year deal with Adidas. I feel the pain of Derrick Rose In body and in psyche. Was it because Adidas Shoes Are not as good as Nike?

Peerless Bulls Get Pyrrhic Victory

Against Phillie Saturday, the Bulls may have won a battle but lost the war. It’s called a ‘Pyrrhic victory’ after a king of Egypt who crushed the Romans in two battles, but at such a great cost  that he wound up losing in the end.  It should never have turned out this way. Only the rosiest-colored glasses could... Read more »

Getting High in Galena

I took my gal to Galena last week.  We (my brother Wally and his wife Bernice too) whiled away  a few romantic days at the Steamboat Bed and Breakfast there. Glen and Char, the “innkeepers” made us feel right at home. Their place was once the opulent residence of Daniel Smith Harris, a mining  magnate and steamboat... Read more »

Spartacus with a Pen

What do all bloggers have in common? We are all lovers of words.  Logophiles is the technical term.  We are so beholden to them that we are their slaves. . And we must conquer them in order to write well.  You may very well think of us as Spartacus. Our obsession with words  often leads to collecting the  off-the-beaten-path, oddball, creaky  antiquary ones. It might even go so far as... Read more »

Yogurt Gets a Presidential Pardon

A co-ed splashed ( without intent) Some yogurt on the president. When the Secret Service guard ran in, Did any shout out, “Book her, Dannon”?  

A Bawdy Bagatelle: A Reflection on Jack Spatafora's Blog "Hefner and the Age of the Orgasm"

The mysterious side Of a woman’s orgasm: You’re never quite sure If she really has’em.

Romney Addresses the Nation on Talk Like Shakespeare Day

Forbear to judge, for we are sinners all. If I talk a little wild, forgive me. I come not, friends, to steal away your hearts; I am no orator.I have neither wit, nor words, nor worth, action nor utterance, nor the power of speech to stir men’s blood. Some say I have an itching palm.... Read more »

A Very Brief Recessional

  The saddest words of commerce these: The signs announcing “Stores For Lease”.

Drink to a Long Life. Not!

Libations of red wine may be The secret of longevity. Experimenters indicate That red wine has this potent trait. When it is drunk by men and rats It neutralizes sweets and fats. The fish who sample it add speed And much more brain cells than they need. For red wine has resveratrol, A beneficial chemical,... Read more »

Gingrich Gets the Bill

While in St. Louis at  a zoo, A penguin bit Newt’s finger. For him a Band-Aid seemed to do. Please pray for the left-winger.