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Happy Birthday, Papa Hadyn!

Today in 1732 Was born Franz Joseph Hadyn. If you’re of Austrian descent, He’s someone you take pride in. Over a hundred symphonies He’s noted for composing. And there is one called “The Surprise” He wrote to wake the dozing. He was a friend of Mozart and Taught Beethoven technique. In India, you’ll hear his... Read more »

The Bottom Line for U. of I. Basketball

Sports update: The University of Illinois has hired Ohio University’s basketball coach John Groce (as in “gross”) to replace Bruce Weber. The new coach of Illini hoops Is ready to direct the troops. A Groce is good but better yet Is concentration on the net.

Obamacare, We Hardly Knew Ye!

The fate of the Affordable Health Care Act is in the hands of the Supreme Court. Lotsa luck, 50 million uninsured Americans. Don’t get your hopes too high, my fellow citizens with pre-existing conditions. C’est la guerre, twenty -or- somethings who have been relying on mom and dad’s insurance coverage. The outlook is grim. Alas, among the Supremes, the Conservatives... Read more »

Alicia Silverstone---Bringing Up Baby the Stork Way

  Alicia Silverstone, I heard, Is feeding her baby like a bird. She’s trained her son whose name is Bear This way to eat his breakfast fare. She chews the veggies Japanese And from her mouth he gets his peas. I don’t know if this will be bad Into the future for this lad. But as... Read more »

The Queen Takes a Crash Course

News item: Queen Elizabeth II surprises commoners John and Frances Canning when she crashes their wedding reception at a town hall in Manchester, England. They invited the Queen on a whim. Though the chance of her coming was slim. But it startled the bash When Her Highness did crash— What a present for her and for him!

The Least Interesting Man in the World: Bill Maher Lampoons Mitt Romney

On his HBO show last Friday, Bill Maher did a hilarious mash-up of Mitt Romney’s persona with the Dos Equis “Most Interesting Man in the World” commercial meme. Mitt was morphed into the “Least Interesting Man in the World”.  Maher modeled his spoof of Romney along the lines of these 4 evidenciary criteria: (1) Romney once said corporations are... Read more »

Kim Kardashian Gets a Flour in Her Hair

Note: reports that an unidentified woman pitched a bag of flour at the head of Reality star, Kim Kardashian. The target of a flour bomb, Miss Kim Kardashian was calm. She didn’t seem a bit to mind If it were unbleached or refined. And called a hag for wearing fur, She gave no sign it bothered her.... Read more »

Come into My Garden: It's Awesome This Spring!

Spring-flowering trees are bursting with gorgeous color this precocious March. Pears, cherries, plums, magnolias, and  redbuds  are blooming weeks earlier than usual. It all makes for a kaleidoscope of vernal hues and tints. A veritable palette of natural beauty. Here are some  charmers from my own garden. Top: Scarlet Plum in the foreground. Cleveland Pear behind. Middle: Jane... Read more »

Forceps. Scalpels. Clamps. Cell Phones?

Note: According to the New York Times, doctors are increasingly texting while working. If I were having surgery, Say, for a broken bone, I’d want the doctor’s eyes on me And not on some iPhone. To operate’s no time to make up Text messages. The fact is Nobody wants—post-op— to wake up A victim of malpractice.

Lighten Up, Republicans!

Republicans today are a humorless bunch. They can’t take a joke, let alone say one. I don’t know exactly how this came about. But puritanism has infiltrated their world-view. They are a self-righteous  confraternity.  Their grim moral universe is heavily weighed down by its gravitas. There is little room for humor’s stock in trade:  the absurd, the incongruous,... Read more »