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A Response To "Rick Bayless told me how to cook salmon"

Nutritionists all share a wish That all of us would eat more fish. For underneath the scales and fins Are rich supplies of vitamins. And minerals, to name but some, Like iron, zinc, and calcium. In general a few know that They’re high in protein, low in fat. So think next time you put the ham in. A healthier dish... Read more »

A Leap of Feb.

Today is the 107th Leap Day. We can thank a pope for that. Gregory XIII. If he hadn’t revised the calendar in 1582, we might one day be hunting for Easter eggs around the Christmas tree. It’s all because we revolve around the sun. One time around is actually 365.24219 days. We compensate for the decimal... Read more »

Santorum: Agent of Darkness

Rick Santorum is the textbook example of the politician who panders to his base. In this instance, the social conservatives.  And higher education is the latest target of his demagoging. Colleges and universities are liberal “indoctrination mills”. They undermine faith. They persecute and punish conservatives. Rick  says that he knows this from experience. “I’ve gone through it,”... Read more »

Angelina's Thespian Thigh

At the Oscars, few dresses were prim. And many  designed for the slim. But I think you’ll agree Angelina Jolie Showed a little too much of her limb.

Someone The Oscars' In Memoriam Left Out

William Duell. Does the name ring a bell? He was a Hollywood character actor who died last December. The 84th Oscar Awards didn’t include him in its “In Memoriam”. Its  litany of departed stars—in front of and behind the camera. Duell was one of those  familiar faces that the movie public would most likely  recognize but... Read more »

Ben & Jerry's New Flavor: Crow

Ben & Jerry is  a cutting-edge brand of ice cream. Innovative, creative, culturally hip.  With a sort of subversive humor, at times, too.  Not for them  vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, or any other conventional  flavor.     B & J once had a  “Fossil Fuel” (with ‘fudge dinosaurs’).   Understandably, it was eventually depleted.     For a sensual treat, you can enjoy its... Read more »

Legal Poetry: Schiller, DuCanto, & Fleck

There are times when you hear in the course of daily life a phrase with the cadence of a line of poetry. Its syllables seem to run—as Hamlet put it—trippingly off the tongue. You might have seen it on a freeway billboard. Or heard it on the air. It may be the casual remark of... Read more »

If The GOP Jedis Want To Prevail Pay Heed To Yoda Alan Simpson

Leave it to a crusty venerable former senator from Wyoming, Alan Simpson, to talk turkey about the Republicans vying to be the party’s nominee.  Simpson thinks social wedge issues like abortion and gay rights will backfire in the general election.  In an interview with Bob Schieffer yesterday on “Face to Face”, Simpson, a man of... Read more »

Doctor Who? Derrick's MD

Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose Says this man was the factor In getting him back on the court— A local chiropractor. Rose won’t be sitting on the bench And gathering some moss Due to the therapy received From Dr. Stuart Yoss. But lest we mispronounce his name, And wouldn’t that be crass? Three cheers for... Read more »

Paczki: A Pre-Lenten Pig-Out

Have you had your paczki yet? Today’s the day. I say ‘paunch-key’ with the accent on ‘paunch’. Which is what will expand if you eat enough of these Polish pastries.  Being of Polish descent, I almost feel an ethnic compulsion to partake. My mother—rest her soul— made the best paczki.  And I don’t say that out of... Read more »