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Add One More "Night" Painting To That List Of 6

One of my fellow bloggers on ChicagoNow put together a list of the top 6 paintings with the word ‘night’ in the title. I’d like to add one more: “Stag Night at Sharkey’s” by George Bellows.  Bellows painted this dynamic lurid  portrait of boxing in 1909. A time when boxing was illegal in New York City... Read more »

A Changing Of The Guard---And Maybe A Wide-Receiver Or Two

  Note: The Chicago Bears have hired Kansas City Chiefs director of college scouting Phil Emery as their new general manager. As their GM the Bears pick Emery A name I’ll now commit to memory. He may receive the benefit From  everyone who doubts a bit. Which doesn’t, in the least, mean I’m Opposed to giving... Read more »

The Artist---A Silent Movie Worth Talking About

  I took my wife to see “The Artist” today.  She had her reservations about spending an afternoon with a silent movie, whatever  the critical acclaim.  But it’s fair to say  she went into the theater a skeptic and left  a true  believer.   “The Artist” lived up to the lavish praise and then some. It has garnered 10... Read more »

A Snowjob From The Old Farmers Almanac

It’s been a mild winter in Chicago. Suits me. Snowfall’s been below average. The Tribune weather page says we’ve had the least-subfreezing winter days in 4 decades: 11. What a difference from last year’s 43! Whatever happened to the dreaded La Nina? That little Spanish lady from the Pacific was supposed to bring us colder... Read more »

Wheel Of Fortune: Let's Drink To That!

On Wheel of Fortune who would think That Pat and Vanna had a drink? But after taping every show, A nearby bar is where they go. And each consumes  a margarita Until all seems  la dolce vita. Then they  return to do the Wheel Much better than the viewers feel.

The Newt Frontier

Will the Moon be our 51st state?  Call it visionary, call it grandiose, this is one of Newt Gingrich’s blueprints for  the future. When his lunar position came up during Republican debate XIX, it was disdainfully dismissed  by Mitt Romney as a foolish pipedream. But Gingrich would not back down from his lofty dream.  He also denied it... Read more »

Can Newt Solve The Riddle Of The Sphinx?

“There is something I know.” This cryptic statement has transformed Nancy Pelosi into the 800-pound Sphinx in the room.  What inside dope does she have that would  destroy Newt Gingrich’s aspirations for the presidency?  The speculation centers around the House Ethics Committee’s investigation of Newt in the 1990s. Pelosi was on that committee that reviewed... Read more »

Brian's Brain

Note: On HBO’s “Real Sports”, Brian Urlacher said even if he did fear he had a concussion, he would try to hide it in order to stay on the field. Brian Urlacher, Ferocious linebacker, Vows he wouldn’t stop crushin’ Despite a concussion. The  concussion concealed, He’d  stay on the field. But then he might  sack The Bears’ own... Read more »

When In Doubt, Pun

    “I get no respect,” Rodney Dangerfield used to say. The same thing could be said of puns. People groan at puns. And they are generally considered wayward waifs in the world of humor. I think this is a gross injustice. So here is a minority report in their favor. In a sense, God... Read more »

The Gordian Knot Of Immigration

In 333 b.c. Alexander the Great came to a town in Asia Minor, Gordium, where legend had it whoever could untie the knot that fastened an ox-cart to a post would become the ruler of Asia.  Try as he might, Alexander couldn’t unravel the intricately interwoven strips of wood; whereupon with a swift stroke of... Read more »