Test Your Hanukkah I.Q.


Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights, begins at sundown today. What do you know about this Jewish holiday? I’ve taken 8 questions—one for each day— from a wonderful book written by Jennie Miller Helderman and Mary Caulkins, “Hanukkah Trivia, 150 Fun & Fascinating Facts about Hanukkah”.   Perfect score earns you a Big Mac(cabee)!

1. Where does the name Hanukkah first appear?
a. The Book of Maccabees
b. The Talmud
c. Encyclopedia Judaica
d. In the sky next to ‘Surrender Dorothy’

2. Where in the New Testament is Hanukkah mentioned?
3. Antiochus IV, the Greek-Syrian ruler, called himself Antiochus Epiphanes. What does this name mean, and what did the Jews call him?
a. The man from Ephesus, “the profane”
b. God manifest, “the madman”
c. The mighty, “the evildoer”
d King of Clubs, “the royal flush”

4. Judas is known as Judas Maccabee because Maccabee means
a. He was sponsored by the Maccabee Athletic Shoe Company
b. Maccabee was the village where Judas was born
c. The lion
d. The hammer

5.Who was the martyred mother of seven martyred sons?
a. Roseanne
b. Hannah
c. Judith
d. Marjorie Morningstar

6. Why did Judas put a wreath on the front door of the temple for its rededication?
a. The first temple had a wreath on its door.
b. He got a good buy at a Kmart after-Christmas sale.
c. It had to do with Hellenism and Sukkot.
d. The wreath was a symbol of peace.

7. A democratic vote in the first century A.D. resolved a debate between followers of Hillel and Shammai about whether to light one lamp the first night and increase each night until eight lamps were lit, or to light all eight the first night and decrease the number on following nights. Who won the vote?

8. Who kindles the lights?
a. The oldest man present
b. Only women
c. Children over six
d. All family members

Answers will appear in my next post. Happy Hanukkah!

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