Scoring On The Jeter Meter


Derek Jeter is the subject of some romantic scuttlebutt in an item the Tribune recycled this morning from the New York Post.
It seems that the 37-year-old Yankee great gives consolation prizes to dates who don’t measure up to his standards of intimacy. The Post says, “After breaking up with longtime girlfriend Minka Kelly in August, the 12-time All-Star shortstop has been courting a number of women in his Trump World Tower bachelor pad, using a back-door entrance in the building to avoid the paparazzi.”

After a rigorous amatory workout, Jeter drives the unsuccessful siren home the following morning and soothes her disappointment with “autographed memorabilia, usually including a signed baseball”.

Someday his princess will come, I’m sure. But in the meantime, Jeter’s giving new meaning to the phrase “spring tryouts”.

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