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Happy 60th Anniversary, WFMT

I can honestly say my life is richer, wiser,  nobler, deeper, sublimer, fuller, truer, sharper, brighter, wider and absolutely so much  better in every imaginable way  because of the radio station WFMT, 98.7 on the FM dial.   Most of what I know about classical music comes from  WFMT.  And throughout my  life,  it has been and remains a  source... Read more »

A Canine Methuselah's Nirvana

  The world’s oldest dog has died. His spirit’s been set free. He has enjoyed his last car ride And tinkled his last tree. He’s left his master in Japan At sixteen years plus ten. He died in peace, Pusuke-san, Because he practiced Zen.

Tebow Preys On The Bears

Tim, Tim, the Bronco’s son, Stole a win on a Barber’s run. Bent his knee on the friendly sod Giving thanks to a gracious God.

Mitt Romney : A Saga Of Richie Rich

If your ideal candidate Is someone who was poor, Mitt Romney can asseverate He’s not one to vote for. In Iowa where there is corn Up north and to the south, Mitt does admit that he was born With silver spoon in mouth. Yes, he did grow up in the lap Of ease and luxury,... Read more »

Typical Trump Tripe

That hyped Republican debate, The one Trump was to moderate, May not come to fruition. He got attention from the press And self-promotion is, I guess, His ultimate ambition.

Passing For Reagan

I have an exasperating habit of noticing ordinary people who are dead ringers for celebrities. Ask my wife or children.  The other day I could have sworn Liam Neeson was  shopping in Sears at the Orland Park Mall.   Perhaps  these comparisons are a bit strained at times. Looks can be deceiving.  So it’s not surprising this morning that  I... Read more »

Late-Night Litmus Test

  Note:  An Entertainment Weekly survey indicates Republicans and Democrats have different TV viewing favorites. Letterman or Leno? Your choice will betray you. If Letterman , a Liberal. If Leno, Conservative.

One Entitlement We Should Eliminate

  This morning at the breakfast table  my wife made an astute observation.  On the Today Show Matt Lauer was interviewing former vice president Dan Quayle whom he addressed as ‘Mr. Vice President’.  “Why is he calling him that?” she said. “He’s not the vice president.    I told her that I thought it was out of respect... Read more »

Ruminations on The Day Of Infamy

Today is the 70th anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.  President Franklin Roosevelt in an address to the nation called that day in 1941 “a date that will live in infamy”.  The following day we were officially at war with Japan. It is ‘altogether fitting and proper’ that we  continue to honor the... Read more »

Blowfish: For People Who Drink Like A Fish

During the holidays And with all the old gang over, You may tipple too much And develop a hangover. But now there’s relief In the form of a pill For the headache and nausea That make you so ill. So after the toasts And with all the auld lang over, Just pop in a Blowfish And... Read more »