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An Aphrodisiac Side Dish

Note: “Historically, asparagus is pure sex food….In nineteenth-century France, bridgrooms were fed three courses of asparagus in anticipation of their wedding nights, and the salacious stalks were banned from the menu in girls’ schools, for fear of inflaming the imaginations of susceptible teens.” A quotation from Barbara Mahany’s review in Sunday’s Tribune of “How Carrots won... Read more »

Test Your Hanukkah I.Q.

Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights, begins at sundown today. What do you know about this Jewish holiday? I’ve taken 8 questions—one for each day— from a wonderful book written by Jennie Miller Helderman and Mary Caulkins, “Hanukkah Trivia, 150 Fun & Fascinating Facts about Hanukkah”.   Perfect score earns you a Big Mac(cabee)! 1. Where does... Read more »

Getting My Christmas Shopping In Full Gear

I’m going to buy my wife some wonderful gifts this year.  I haven’t decided  what.  I’m a yule procrastinator. But  there won’t be a new car under the tree—figuratively speaking.  Those Lexus TV  commercials just haven’t sold me.  Besides, I can’t see myself shopping around  at a dealership the day before Christmas Eve.  Let’s see,... Read more »

Happiness Is A Crossword Puzzle

I am a crossword puzzle addict.  A cruciverbalist.  I can’t get enough of them. The harder the better.  Name a variety and I’ve tried it .  The British ones have  anagrams in their clues…pardon me… clews.  Which we Yanks  frequently meet in ours—the other day one answer even  was the word  ‘anagram’—  for this clue: “chemical agent  vis a vis climate change”.   But as a... Read more »

Branded In America

In today’s Tribune sports section, columnist Fred Mitchell laments that the arrest of Bear receiver Sam Hurd “threatens the brand identity of every institution he has represented”.   Mitchell easily translates a  criminal activity into commercial parlance.  We ‘brand’ just about everything these days.  When I was growing up ‘branding’ had to do with cattle and hot irons. With ‘XIT’ or ‘YO’ for a... Read more »

Freude! Freude! Beethoven Turns 241!

Somewhere in the great beyond—surrounded by the music of the spheres— Bach and Brahms and the rest of the illustrious Dead Composers Society will be singing Happy Birthday to Ludwig van.   There will be 241 Gotterfunken (heavenly sparks) on that celestial cake.   The firmament will resound with the Ninth Symphony’s Ode to Joy. Beethoven’s Ninth  is to... Read more »

A Final March Towards Home

The Iraq War is officially over. After eight and a half  slogging, tumultuous years.  In its wake are 4500 dead and 30,000 wounded Americans. According to,  the cost in American treasure now  exceeds $800  billion.  When the cost of the medical care for the physically and mentally wounded over their lifetimes is factored in, it will... Read more »

The God Particle Moves In Mysterious Ways

I just read an article About the Higgs particle In Switzerland they are pursuing. Though I’m for advancement of, My mind needs enhancement of The why of the what they are doing.

Will the Cub Future Be Made In Japan?

A hundred and three years they’ve not had a feast. The faithful are naturally starvish. So Theo, they wouldn’t blame you in the least To splurge on a hurling Darvish.

Scoring On The Jeter Meter

Derek Jeter is the subject of some romantic scuttlebutt in an item the Tribune recycled this morning from the New York Post. It seems that the 37-year-old Yankee great gives consolation prizes to dates who don’t measure up to his standards of intimacy. The Post says, “After breaking up with longtime girlfriend Minka Kelly in... Read more »