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Midnight In Pairs

I won’t be in Times Square When they lower the ball. I won’t be in the glare Of the bright lights at all. I’ll imbibe a sweet wine With my wife at my side. And be happy she’s mine For another year’s ride.

Emulate Ben For A Better 2012

When Ben Franklin was in his  twenties and about the time when he started a newspaper called the Pennsylvania Gazette, he decided to make an earnest effort to improve his moral character. He made a list of 13 moral virtues and annotated each with a short precept.  He described all of this in his famous Autobiography which he... Read more »

Bombed In Boston

People love lists. That must be why they are so popular. Think of Letterman’s Top Ten. It may be the second reason, after the monologue, that  fans tune in. The Daily Beast has published a list of the “Drunkest Cities”. Boston reels away with the Numero Uno…hiccup…  honor.  According to the market- research data, 7.4% of those 21 or... Read more »

Target Practice: Breast-feeding In America

Today mothers across the country will be breast-feeding in public at Target Stores.  This nurse-in was organized in protest of what happened to Michelle Hickman in November at a Target Store in Webster, Texas.  When she chose to nurse her 5-month-old son in an out of the way area of the store, employees– in an humiliating way— refused to... Read more »

Are Republican Minds and Hearts Too Glacial To Listen To Siku?

Siku, the unbearably cute polar bear, has become a cyber-sensation. He was born on November 22 at the Scandinavian Wildlife Park in Denmark. He weighs only about 8 pounds and because his mother could not produce milk, he must be bottle-fed by three zookeepers until he is one year old. His name means “sea ice”—something no... Read more »

It's Over When The Fat Man Decamps

No more presents to be wrapped. No more children Santa-lapped. No more greeting cards to sign. No more waiting in a line. No more carolling off key. No more trimming of the tree. No more candy cane or bow. No more dreaming of some snow. No more elves or Mr. Claus. No more hearing reindeer... Read more »

The Greatest X-Man Of Them All

Today Christians celebrate the birth of the greatest X-Man of them all. In the minds and hearts of his followers, on Christmas Day, Jesus, the Son of God, was born in Bethlehem to a young virgin, Mary, wife of Joseph, a humble carpenter. A wondrous  star in the  heavens led wise men from the East... Read more »

Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Somewhere Else!

How often they say or they write It’s not Christmas unless it is white. But my holiday’s best When I merrily rest Without even a snowflake in sight!

Yes, Virginia, We Need Your Santa More Than Ever

If Virginia O’Hanlon were 8 years old today, she wouldn’t have written , or texted , or tweeted about whether there is a Santa. She would see him all over TV and across the media universe selling you name it . A modern Virginia might not even care about those abstractions the New York’s Sun... Read more »

Is What You Crave A Flatulent Hangover ?

If White Castle is your port of call, You may soon purchase some alcohol. You could wash down your slider With a formaldehyder: Any wine, beer, or whiskey at all.