A Final March Towards Home


The Iraq War is officially over. After eight and a half  slogging, tumultuous years.  In its wake are 4500 dead and 30,000 wounded Americans. According to costofwar.com,  the cost in American treasure now  exceeds $800  billion.  When the cost of the medical care for the physically and mentally wounded over their lifetimes is factored in, it will come to trillions of dollars.

It was a war of choice. A preemptive war. A war waged on false pretenses. A forlorn hope from the very beginning.  A quixotic adventure in regime change and nation-building. A bonanza for contractors and profiteers. A war  whose sacrifices were hardly shared on the homefront.

In retrospect we  recognize the bravery of those who were called to fight it.  We will always  honor the memory of those who gave their lives.  History may judge that this war was fought in vain. But let there be no doubt that the selfless service  of  our troops was absolutely not.

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