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Reliving Childhood

    I have to agree with Jack Spatafora (“When’s The Last Time You Threw A Snowball?”) that we shouldn’t suppress our inner child.   No matter how old you grow, you can stay young at heart.  A Twilight Zone episode “Kick the Can” does  a take on this theme.  Charles, a resident of a retirement home remembers the... Read more »

The Casanova On The Stump

  Herman Cain Has had to explain And gingerly handle A sordid sex scandal.

The Chameleon Candidate

    Willard Mitt Romney, Whose positions are omni, Triangulates by wind direction What will win him an election.

Leonardo's Smiley

At the National Gallery in London, nine of the paintings of Leonardo da Vinci are currently on exhibit. If you plan on going, you have until February to see them. But you won’t see Leonardo’s most iconic painting, the Mona Lisa—unless you include on your itinerary a visit to the Louvre in Paris.  You will find... Read more »

A Republican Clerihew

      Newt Gingrich Likes anything rich. Like a Tiffany bill At half a mil.

The Passing of a Grand Lady

The city lights are dimmed and shadows fall. A lady’s gone who was beloved by all. A gallant lady, elegant and kind. A gracious lady with a lively mind. We all will mourn for losing her awhile, But soon rejoice remembering her smile.

Bombs Away!

  One of the great  enigmas of  America’s ethos is a national anthem that very few people can easily sing.  When Congress voted  in 1931  to officially make The Star-Spangled Banner our national anthem, I doubt very many  of those senators or representatives   could sing it on key.  The fact that a lawyer named  Francis Scott Key... Read more »

Can You Beat These Conundrums?

There are some things I can’t explain. The breath of life, the thinking brain. The ocean depth, the distant sky. The evolution of the eye. Republicans immune to charity And Justin Bieber’s popularity.

North by Norquist

There’s no question that Republicans today are a unified party.  Or more accurately, a uniform party. They walk in lockstep. They have  identical talking-points.  Their political discourse is boilerplate, cookie-cutter free market private enterprise conservatism. Their ideal Republican is Ronald Reagan.  And their guiding light, the North Star in their firmament, is Grover Norquist. Grover Norquist is  perhaps most famous... Read more »

Baby Ape Etiquette

    At the Lincoln Park Zoo There’s a primate who’s new And her mom’s a gorilla named Bana. You may come and coo coo When  they put her on view, But the protocol is: No banana!