Shofar, So Good

A gut yor! Rosh Hashanah begins  today at sunset. It will be 5772 on the Jewish calendar.   I am a  Gentile, but I feel a strong  kinship to all things Jewish.   This feeling seems to be part of my DNA.  Since I’m of Polish descent, it isn’t too farfetched to imagine  that in the far distant past in some humble village in Poland, love conquered religion and resulted in an intermingling of genes that eventually led to me. 

These reflections were  precipitated by NBC weatherman, Al Roker. This morning on the Today Show, he said that a video of Jewish men in Jerasulem— who were dancing to celebrate Rosh Hashanah— gave him the shpilkes. That’s Yiddish for “nervous energy”.  It got me thinking about the profound effect Judaism has had on humankind, perhaps more than any other ethnic-cum-religious group.  Arts, science, geopolitics, philosophy, medicine, literature—all of these have been infused and enriched by the Jewish tradition.   

So let me wish not only my Jewish fellow Americans, but people of all cultures and nations a happy 5772. “May you be inscribed for a good year!”

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  • and from a Jewish Canadian .... to you the same ...

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