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Life is a Synchronicity

Life is full of what the Swiss psychologist Carl Jung called synchronicities,  those ” temporally coincident occurences of acausal events”. In common parlance, we know them better as coincidences. Felicitously, I came upon one this morning while reading the Trib. At the breakfast table, I usually comb through the sports section first, soak in the weather page, get... Read more »

Charlie's Train Wreck

As comics roasted Charlie Sheen, The jokes got raunchier and mean. Poor Charlie really got  deep-fried. On CBS, he merely died.

The Man of Steel From Brighton Park

They’re shooting a new Superman movie in downtown Chicago, at the Board of Trade and Willis Tower.  Last month the town of Smallville was reinvented in Plano.  Superman, of course, is pop culture’s fanciful idea of a “man of steel”.  Last week  a local hero passed away who may have been a good human approximation... Read more »

Roger Ailes's Playbook

I don’t watch Fox News Channel or even the local Fox TV station. For many reasons, and they’re all philisophical. But I do watch the NFL games on Fox like millions of other rabid football fans. So what do I discover this morning on the “Smack!” page of the Trib sports section: FOX SPORTS: ‘MISLEADING’.... Read more »

Appellation Renovation

Season 13 of “Dancing With The Stars” begins on Monday, and there’s a new name in the cast of celebrities. NBAer Ron Artest has changed his name to Metta World Peace.  Now the show’s older demographics will have to vote for him.  Mr. World Peace is not the first athlete to rechristen himself.  Lloyd Bernard... Read more »

Grover's Bathtub

Let me immediately disenchant you. This will not be about rubber duckies, or any aspect of Sesame Street hygiene or plumbing. Nor is it about the Grover who bookends Benjamin Harrison, the 23rd president. Nor his namesake the legendary National League pitcher Grover Cleveland Alexander.  It is about someone all Republicans seem to be in... Read more »

Apples of Discourse

When I think about poisonous apples, Walt Disney’s Snow White comes to mind. Remember the Evil Queen who in the guise of a hag gave Snow White the toxic pome? Of course, the apple has been a frequent trope of the sinister. Adam and Eve lived to regret their bites of it. The dark side... Read more »

Echoes of Narcissus

This summer, down the street from where I live, there was an abundance of ravishingly beautiful pink hydrangeas. I thought of them when I heard that Madonna dissed these lovely flowers at a recent press conference in Venice. A fan had given her a bouquet of purple ones.  Under her breath on the viral video,  she says... Read more »

The Daughter in Time

If Ronald Reagan’s daughter, Patti Davis, had her way, none of the Republican presidential hopefuls would ever get a chance to win one for the Gipper. In a recent Time article after the debate at the Reagan library, Patti dressed down the candidates— Jon Huntsman the only exception— in these bristling words: “You can invoke... Read more »

Good Marx, Bad Marks

Groucho Marx once quipped “Either this man is dead or my watch has stopped.”  Nowadays those who keep a watch on Congress may be asking the same question. Congress seems to be on life-support. And I don’t mean the thousands of lobbyists who infest its chambers.  The president’s approval ratings certainly have tumbled, but  Congress’s have fallen off... Read more »