Gene Pool Shark

In the introduction to her book, “The Darwin Awards—Next Evolution”, Wendy Northcutt writes, “The Darwin Awards, named in honor of Charles Darwin, salute the improvemnt of the human genome by honoring those who accidentally remove themselves from it—thereby ensuring that the next generation is descended from one less idiot. We applaud the heroic self-sacrifice of these noble men and women, who gave their all to improve the human race.”

But it is not even necessary for one of these “noble” individuals to die. There have been cases, albeit rare, when a survivor has accidentally been removed from the gene pool. In her book,  Northcutt relates the story of a guy who shot himself in the genitals ‘playing quick-draw with a friend’.

Nevertheless, a potential  candidate for a Darwin Award is  a  British man who is clinging to life in South Africa after being attacked by a Great White shark.  He went swimming  along the Capetown shore despite a hue and a cry warning against it.  The beach had even been closed. 

This news story has all the markings of  gallows humor poetic justice.   But I’m  praying that this poor guy  lives.   An At Risk Survivor Award would be more than enough to honor his folly.

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  • Everytime I match up Darwin & God as prime mover of Evolution....well, Charlie always loses! Now if only Richie Dawkins weren't so smug, he might catch my drift.

  • In reply to Jack Spatafora:

    Au contraire! I think Charlie was a winner. He was among the seekers of truth, and they will surely find their way to Him who is the Truth and the Life.

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