Critical Mass

The melodrama “Search for Tomorrow’s Republcan Presidential Candidate” has been playing around the country for a while. There have been three debate episodes, but the resolution of the plot is far from clear. The most loyal fans of this soap opera — members of the Republican Party— can’t seem to make up their minds about who should be the protagonist next fall.

The front runner, Rick Perry, has not shown enough credibility in acting  the part. While most of the rest, for one reason or another, are clearly miscast for the role. This has prompted pleas  for someone who has repeatedly said he is not interested in auditioning: Governor Chris Christie.

Parallels  to the theatre aside, it does appear there’s going to be a seismic shift in the Republican race for the White House. And Christie has the gravitas to set off the tremors, if he decides to jump in. The last man of Christie’s stature to occupy the office was William Howard Taft who was also a Republican.   It  may have been an urban legend, but the story goes that Taft got stuck in the White House bathtub.  Taft weighed 332 pounds. Christie is somewhere in that ballpark.  But I wouldn’t want  to engage in lavatory politics.

I also wouldn’t want to speculate about who would win in a Obama-Christie matchup.  If I had to assess Christie’s chances?  Well,  on a scale from one to ten, he would…………

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