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Poetic Justice

In a phone interview with Tribune columnist Mary Schmich, retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens said that the study of  English Literature —lyric poetry in particular— was the best preparation for the law.  After all, he should know.  When he retired on June 29, 2010, he was the third longest-serving justice on the Supreme Court. ... Read more »

A Spot of Joe

Today is National Coffee Day So visit your Starbuck shrine. And I will drink cafe au lait Whenever I will dine.

Gene Pool Shark

In the introduction to her book, “The Darwin Awards—Next Evolution”, Wendy Northcutt writes, “The Darwin Awards, named in honor of Charles Darwin, salute the improvemnt of the human genome by honoring those who accidentally remove themselves from it—thereby ensuring that the next generation is descended from one less idiot. We applaud the heroic self-sacrifice of... Read more »

Shofar, So Good

A gut yor! Rosh Hashanah begins  today at sunset. It will be 5772 on the Jewish calendar.   I am a  Gentile, but I feel a strong  kinship to all things Jewish.   This feeling seems to be part of my DNA.  Since I’m of Polish descent, it isn’t too farfetched to imagine  that in the far... Read more »

Critical Mass

The melodrama “Search for Tomorrow’s Republcan Presidential Candidate” has been playing around the country for a while. There have been three debate episodes, but the resolution of the plot is far from clear. The most loyal fans of this soap opera — members of the Republican Party— can’t seem to make up their minds about who should be... Read more »

A Triolet: For Openers

We don’t say “Hi” when greeting now. Contemporaries favor “Hey”. I can’t explain the why or how. We don’t say “Hi” when greeting now. It’s like when “you” supplanted “thou” Which still has Biblical cachet. We don’t say “Hi” when greeting now. Contemporaries favor “Hey”

Stage Fright

My wife, her mother, and I have been subscribers to Drury Lane Theater in Oak Brook Terrace for a number of years now. Last night it was our turn to see the Stephen Sondheim musical “Sweeney Todd”. You might say I had reservations of a different kind too because  this play’s reputation had preceded our visit.... Read more »

Midas, Where Are You When We Need You?

The country of Greece is on life support. The ancient ruins on the Acropolis are nearer to mint condition than the Greek economy. I got all of this from today’s Tribune editorial “Greek toast”. At first I wondered why the paper was weighing in on Grecian cuisine.  Instead  I learned that if President Obama isn’t “forceful... Read more »

A Bridge to Nowhere?

President Obama is currently on what might be called the Infrastructure Antiques Road Show. It’s all part of his push on the Republicans to support and pass his jobs bill, a bill  that would fund the  rebuilding of a huge array of decaying roads, dams and bridges. The other day,  Mr. Obama made his case with... Read more »

A Modern Republican Decalogue

I. I am the God Mammon. Thou shalt  only worship me. II. Thou shalt not let anything stand in the way of profit. III. Remember to keep holy the free market. IV. Honor thy dividends and capital gains. V. Thou shalt not kill, except to increase profitability. VI. Thou shalt not raise taxes.    VII.  Thou shalt  not regulate.... Read more »