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A Pond Across the Pond

I’ve read that Eminem stipulated at a music festival in Northern Ireland that a wooden pond filled with Koi be put in his dressing room. These, to be sure, are gorgeous fish ( My wife and I saw some while on vacation in Hawaii last year). But when a performer demands to have them backstage,... Read more »

Surfing the Trib

I don’t expect to get a belly laugh from the Sports Section, but I did this morning. Cubs scribe Paul Sullivan wrote that despite another dreadful season, Tom Ricketts, the owner, may have Mike Quade back… if “he could suggest to the next GM that 2011 was an aberration and Quade deserves another chance next... Read more »

Opening Act

On any topic, In any mode, At any time, The lines I’ll load. How nice to write “A Quark in The Road” And never leave My own abode.