The Tyranny of Book Banning

I don’t believe books should be banned By anyone in our free land. Let us read what we choose To teach or amuse. And let none say we can’t by command.

Who's the Leaker Becomes a Republican Talking Point

“Newsmax host, without evidence, accuses Ketanji Brown Jackson of leaking Roe draft before she’s sworn in.” Jonathan Edwards in the Washington Post The GOP’s dead set to suss out the leaker. They won’t talk abortions ’cause that would be weaker. Some think it’s the work Of Judge Jackson’s clerk.. Since the chase is the point... Read more »

Happy Birthday to the Incomparable Barbra Streisand

Born on this day was Barbra Streisand Which reminds me how Time flies. And Yet it cannot fade the beauty of Her voice, and the songs I’ll always love.

Happy 458th, Bard of Avon!

Today’s the birthday of Shakespeare, Will Who penned his plays with ink and quill. Some scholars doubt he actually wrote them, Still I’ll think of him whenever I quote them.

Easter: 2022

I’m not what you would call A feaster. Except on holidays, Like Easter. It’s when we dine on ham And all the trimmings. Enough to fill the body And soul to brimmings. When all are gathered at the Festal board. To praise the chef, as well as, The Lord.

One Fish. Two Fish. Yellow Fish. Blue Fish.

SCIENCE NEWS: Researchers at the University of Bonn say they’ve taught a popular aquarium fish—cichlids—to do math. The scientists used the color blue as a prompt to add one, and the color yellow as a prompt to subtract one. ( The next time you gaze at the fish in your tank, Delighted by their acrobatics... Read more »

Postscript: The Academy Awards May Never Be The Same

The Oscars have been handed out. The spectacle’s a wrap. And what is all the buzz about? A sick and senseless slap!

Tucker Carlson: Russian Agent, Aspiring Traitor

Tucker Carlson gives Putin his comfort and aid As Ukrainians are bombed and destruction is laid. His words do abet So Russians will let Even babies be killed in the war Putin’s made.

Henry Steinway: Rachmaninoff Rocked on His Pianos

Born today was Henry Steinway. Made pianos that people have played in a fine way. Virtuosos play them in the concert hall, Creating beautiful sounds loved by one and by all. Henry Steinway Rachmaninoff playing his Steinway Piano

Raymond Teller: Magical Mime

Born today was Raymond Teller. Magician, illusionist, silent feller. Comic foil of straight man Penn. Slapstick is his regimen.