"Scarface" Al Capone: Mobster Par Excellence

Today’s the birthday of Al Capone Notorious gangster and world-wide known. Perhaps the most ruthless of law-breaking men Till evading his taxes put him in the pen.

Joan of Arc: Military Heroine and Saint

Born today was Joan of Arc On the French she made an indelible mark. Fought for their king in men’s attire. Caught by the English and set afire.

William James: He Defined Truth in Terms of Utility

Born today psychologist William James. Influential though not among household names. In brief, he viewed the verities through the prism Of whether they worked. What is called Pragmatism.

Chic Young: He Tickled Our Funny Bones with a Pen

Born today was Murat Bernard “Chic” Young. Creator of “Blondie” which is among The best comic strips of all time.* Are you a fan? Well, here’s why I’m. With a cup of coffee and Dagwood I’m able To face the new day at the breakfast table. *Stan Drake, who drew Blondie in the 1980s and... Read more »

Evelyn Wood: She Got Readers Hooked on Speed

Born today was Evelyn Wood. Speed reading was her livelihood. “Read a myriad of words a minute” she contended. Without any proof one comprehended.* *Evelyn Wood had little classroom experience, no degrees in reading instruction, and a background that included cooperation with the Third Reich. Nevertheless, a nation spooked by Sputnik and panicked by paperwork... Read more »

Millard Fillmore: Who He?

Born today was Millard Fillmore. When POTUS*, sedition’s voices grew shrill more. On the issue of slavery he straddled the fence. He isn’t remembered, ‘cept in the past tense.** *A 2017 C-Span poll of historians ranked Fillmore as the seventh-worst president. In his profile of Fillmore for the Miller Center of Public Affairs, historian Michael... Read more »

Heinrich Schliemann: Controversial Archaeologist

Born today was Heinrich Schliemann. Finding an ancient city was his demon. A city he had heard and read of as a boy. Was he the first* to exhume (though recklessly) Troy?** * Some say another archaeologist, Frank Calvert, should get the credit. **He has been sharply criticized by the community of archaeologists for using... Read more »

King Gillette: A Cut Above the Rest

Born today was King Gillette. To whom the hirsute are in debt. For he ingeniously made The first inexpensive, disposable blade.

Jacob Grimm: His Fairy Tales Have Made Us Young at Heart

Born today was Jacob Grimm. Immortal tales were collected by him.* Snow White, Hansel and Gretel, Red Riding Hood. Wherein Evil succeeds till conquered by Good. *with his brother Wilhelm

Lucretia Mott: Feminist Firebrand

Born today: Lucretia Mott. Feminist, orator, abolitionist. Let what she did be not forgot. Though a line’s not enough for such a long list.* To wit: One of the early leaders of the women’s rights movementOne of the founders of the Philadelphia Female Anti-Slavery SocietyCo-wrote the Declaration of Sentiments in 1848 for the First Women’s... Read more »