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Best Bathing Suits for 2013

Best Bathing Suits for 2013
Beach season is finally upon us people! Us Chicagoans can brush off our old speedos and do away with the snow suits – for now. When the weather heats up, Chitown basically loses their shit. Patio day drinking and rooftop pools become priority and people just generally become even more batshit crazy than normal. Everyone... Read more »

'Twas the Night Before Christmas: Home Alone with Buzz McCallister

HO HO HO! Unless you live under an actual rock, you have seen 1990s, Home Alone more times than you can count. It is truly a classic which certainly can’t go unwatched each holiday season. I got the chance to catch up with Devin Ratray, the lovable, yet jerky older brother of Kevin McCallister. I got... Read more »

Gym Fashion One oh-- What the F@!%

Sometimes I get a little bored on the machines at the gym, so I start to take notice in my surroundings. I have encountered some rather intriguing things lately. Things that shouldn’t even matter in the gym. This is just so interesting that I have to say something. Excuse me, but what the actual fuck... Read more »