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I Can't Keep Calm It's My Birthday Weekend (and other life lessons)

Like most of us, when another birthday approaches, I tend to reflect. I’m coming up on my “quarter century club“ (crisis?!) 25th birthday, so obviously reflection is the name of the game. Since 2014 began, life in all aspects has started to take on a different form. Social circles have grown, perceptions and opinions have... Read more »

Spring Steals & Splurges: Makeup Edition

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a product junkie. I love anything beauty related and rarely go unprepared. Need to cover a zit? I’m on it. Brows fading? Here. Lips need reapplying? Step into my office, we might be here awhile. I might lose my keys and cards occasionally, but I’VE GOT THE LIP GLOSS. I can’t... Read more »