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Leftist Judge Leaked Anti-Posser Story Because Her Claim Is Garbage

-By Warner Todd Huston A few days ago I posted a story about a leftist judge accusing Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser of physically attacker her in a closed-doors meeting of the justices. The lefty sites went mad for this story, but as the days wore on the lefty judge’s claims started to seem... Read more »

Lefties Try to Smear Wisconsin's Judge Prosser... Again

-By Warner Todd Huston Oh, the leftists thought they had him this time (again). So, they began a campaign to smear him (again). Turns out they were wrong (again). And their allegations mysteriously disappeared from the Internet after they found out they were wrong (again). The left tried once again to smear Wisconsin Supreme Court... Read more »

No Respect: Unionistas Protest Gov. Walker at a Special Olympics Event

-By Warner Todd Huston No respect. No respect at all. That used to be a funny line of a comedian. Now it just brings to mind the ignorance and outrageous behavior of union thugs in Wisconsin. This week these creeps had the audacity to disrupt a kid’s event to protest Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s budget... Read more »

Election Laws Need an Overhaul, Wisc. Case in Point

-By Warner Todd Huston There is no doubt that our election laws are in serious disarray. So many laws and rules have been written and added to the plethora of rules and regulations that already exist that confusion is more likely the case than clarification. As several recall petitions in Wisconsin wing their way to... Read more »

N.J. Courts Not Interested in Democracy

-By Warner Todd Huston Most Americans are under the mistaken assumption that we as voters can elect someone to make changes in our government. Whether the government of our city, county, state or that in Washington DC we voters have this romantic idea that we can affect change by electing people to office that will... Read more »

VIDEO: Kloppenburg Makes Fool of Herself With Wisconsin Recount

-By Warner Todd Huston So far, other than the 10,000 likely fraudulent Kloppenburg-favoring votes from the Madison area, there doesn’t really seem to be any compelling evidence of vote fraud in the recent election for Wisconsin’s Supreme Court race. David Prosser won by some 7,000 votes. Still, his challenger, JoAnne Kloppenburg, is demanding a recount... Read more »

VIDEO: Prosser Finally Declares Victory in Wisconsin

-By Warner Todd Huston Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser has at last declared victory in the Wisc. Court race. He had a great quote, too: “I presume this is my last campaign and that my fifteen minutes of celebrity will soon be over. Greta has stopped calling.” Good one. Prosser’s opponent, the union-backed Joanne... Read more »

Judge Prosser Declared Winner, Left Loses BIG In Wisconsin Union Fight

-By Warner Todd Huston A county canvas of votes for Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice is finished and the result shows that Judge David Prosser, a 12-year veteran of the courts, won reelection over his union-backed opponent. Judge David Prosser’s total now officially stands at 752,323 votes to challenger Joanne F. Kloppenburg’s 745,007. This spread represents... Read more »

BREAKING, BIG Upset: Prosser Finds 7,000 Votes in Wisconsin??

-By Warner Todd Huston OK, folks, it seems that Waukesha County has discovered a computer error in its vote count which gives Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser 7,000 new votes. This completely changes the game to wipe out the 200 some lead that challenger Kloppenburg had giving Prosser a big win. Now, I am... Read more »

Vote Fraud in Wisconsin Supreme Court Race

-By Warner Todd Huston The leftists are at it again trying to steal the election to make sure that Judge Prosser firmly loses any recount possibility. It appears that ballots are being illegally destroyed before they can be put into a recount in at least one county and in another the vote totals are not... Read more »