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Senate Consensus: It Should Have No Power

-By Warner Todd Huston For decades (and not just since Obama became president, either) the office of the president has slowly been taking on more and more power unto itself. By a constant flurry of Executive Orders (the wide use of which starting chiefly during FDR’s term) to making war without much bothering with Congress,... Read more »

2,200 Marines Go To Libya, 'What Happened to No Boots on the Ground'?

-By Warner Todd Huston In all the reporting on the involvement of US Forces in Libya a report by WCTI Channel 12 News in New Bern, North Carolina seems to have gone by almost unnoticed. The News channel reports that 2,200 U.S. Marines have been shipped off the Libya. But doesn’t this deployment clash with... Read more »

What The Heck Happened to the Anti-War Movement?

-By Warner Todd Huston Remember those hoary days of raucous protest when anti-war protesters sent thousands of people into the streets sometimes with only a days notice? Now consider this: have you seen any of these giant protests since 2008 presidential election? Yeah, no one else has, either. Do you wonder why that is? Well,... Read more »

After a Year in Office, Biden Says Afghan War Policy Still Developing

-By Warner Todd Huston Vice President Joe Biden wants everyone to just calm down. He says that it’s “much too premature” to judge the Obama administration’s efforts in Afghanistan. Apparently, after a year of focusing on “the right war,” America is still waiting for the Obama administration to “develop” its policies there. But one thing... Read more »

Dems Include Union Bailout in War Funding Bill

-By Warner Todd Huston There is no other aspect of Washington D.C. that upsets voters more than government spending surreptitiously added on to spending bills and this week Congress indulged its inner drunken sailor once again by adding a $10 billion bailout for teachers unions in the bill that is supposed to fund the war... Read more »

Video: 'The Three Terrors' Skewers Palestinian Supporters

The folks at the Hebrew language opinion and news site Latma have done it again. A new effort revealing the hypocrisy of the Palestinians and their slavish supporters across the world are skewered in yet another parody video. Based on Funiculi Funicula Sung by the Three Terrors: Erdogano Pavarotti, Assad Carreras and Ahmedido Domingo Erdogan.... Read more »

Anti-War Teachers Disrupt Recognition of Military-Minded Students

-By Warner Todd Huston Last week two Massachusetts High School teachers took it upon themselves to protest against the U.S. Military as students that had announced plans to join our armed forces were receiving recognition from their school. Incensed students and parents called for the teachers to be fired. History teacher Marybeth Verani and English... Read more »

Obama's Increased Use of Death From the Skies, Where's the Anti-War Left?

-By Warner Todd Huston The Washington Think Tank New America Foundation has been reporting on drone strikes in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iraq for quite some time and its tally of kills by U.S. drones reveals an interesting thing. It shows that drone kills under President Obama are far and away higher than those under Bush.... Read more »

Obama Signals Enemies that Nuking U.S. Is A'OK With Him

-By Warner Todd Huston President Obama is known for bowing to foreign dictators, emperors and Kings but it is such a chore to do it individually. Flying around the world to bow to each killer, oppressor, and tyrant is so time consuming. If only he had a way to do it to every American enemy... Read more »

A Little Reminder of the Left's Unhinged Hatred

-By Warner Todd Huston With all the tales in the Old Media of the supposed violence committed by Tea Partiers going on since Obama’s takeover of our nation’s healthcare system, I thought it might be instructive to recall how hate-filled the unhinged left is in America today. A year ago, the good folks at Zomblog... Read more »