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Chicago Teachers Losing Their Raises

-By Warner Todd Huston As the Daley years wound down, Chicago’s public schools teachers were handed an automatic 4 percent raise across the board that was supposed to take effect next year. However, that largess from the taxpayers has just been rescinded by a unanimous vote of the Chicago Public Schools board. Citing the $712... Read more »

Obama Puts Unions Ahead of a Healthy Economy, Free Trade

-By Warner Todd Huston President Obama claims that he wants to “create jobs,” and is happily touting several policies that he claims will create jobs in this jobless, non-recovery. Unfortunately, all his polices really do is shore up the high cost unions that kill job growth. As GOP Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConell says, Obama... Read more »

Cal. Union Launches Effort to Recruit Republican Candidates

-By Warner Todd Huston This is a novel approach. The Service Employees International Union (SEIU), one of the largest government employee unions in the nation, has decided that they’ve had enough of all those darn Republicans that are… well… acting like Republicans. So, the union has lighted on a new way to be rid of... Read more »

Urge Congress to Vote 'NO' On Striking $$ Saving Section From Federal Construction Projects Bill (Illinois Especially)

-By Warner Todd Huston Today there may be a vote on striking a section of H.R. 2055 that will insure that federal construction projects for the military are fairly priced and will save money for the taxpayers. Some representatives want this advantageous section struck out and replaced with a union-favoring provision that will cost the... Read more »

Unionists Next Target for Destruction: Apple, Inc.

-By Warner Todd Huston A four-year Apple store employee in San Francisco wants to unionize the low wage workers that help customers in Apple Stores across America. Should he succeed, this will, of course, take one of the few successful companies we have left in America, hobble it with jobs-killing union rules, and destroy its... Read more »

No Respect: Unionistas Protest Gov. Walker at a Special Olympics Event

-By Warner Todd Huston No respect. No respect at all. That used to be a funny line of a comedian. Now it just brings to mind the ignorance and outrageous behavior of union thugs in Wisconsin. This week these creeps had the audacity to disrupt a kid’s event to protest Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s budget... Read more »

Senator Seeking Answers on NLRB's Attack on Boeing

-By Warner Todd Huston Senator Jim DeMint (R, SC) wants some answers as to why Obama’s National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) thinks it has the power to tell American businesses where they are allowed to build their newest manufacturing facilities. On June 6 Senator DeMint’s office filed a freedom of information request demanding documents connected... Read more »

Booster Uses Rape Case to Sell Unions

-By Warner Todd Huston This one sure is disgusting. Remember that the chief of the International Monetary Fund, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, was arrested for sexually assaulting a maid in New York? Well the leftist website AlterNet is using the DSK rapist incident to push unions. Like most leftists no crisis is too bad to exploit for... Read more »

Your Taxes Paying Government Union Members NOT to Work, Part Two

-By Warner Todd Huston At a hearing on Capitol Hill Wednesday, it was revealed that federal employees spent nearly 3 million hours of official, taxpayer paid time on union activities in 2009. This cost the treasury $129 million, an increase of $8 million over the expenditures in 2008. The report that fueled the hearing (see... Read more »

Union Contracts More Important Than Patients For Union Drivers

-By Warner Todd Huston Priorities. Union guys have priorities, you know? For instance, in New Jersey earlier this year a bunch of union drivers for the Communications Workers of America (CWA) decided that it was more important to have a “sick-out” and strand sick elderly people, preventing them getting to their life-saving medical treatment than... Read more »