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New Open Government and Spending Transparency Reforms Introduced

-By Warner Todd Huston While the Obama administration plays its games with “czars,” more “boards,” and “committees” to implement government accountability policies, Representative Darrell Issa (R, Calif.) has introduced some measures that would do a far better job to meet those goals. President Obama has touted a “Government Accountability and Transparency Board” (GATB) as well... Read more »

Legislation Calls for More Transparency and Accountability During the Illinois Budget Process

From the Institute for Truth in Accounting… (Chicago, March 18, 2011) — State Representative Mike Tryon (IL-64th District) has introduced the Long-Term Accounting Act into the Illinois legislature. The Act calls for increased timeliness, transparency and accountability during the state budgeting process. “Not knowing the long term consequences of the Illinois budget has put our... Read more »

Sunshine Review Announces Illinois Winners of the Annual Sunny Awards

From SunshineReview.org… Award recognizes state, local governments with perfect transparency scores ALEXANDRIA- The nation’s leading government transparency advocate, Sunshine Review, announced on Thursday the 112 winners of its 2nd annual “Sunny Awards.” The 2011 awards, which more than double last year’s number, recognize the best state and local government websites in America that exceeded transparency... Read more »

Most Lawless President Ever: Hiding Lobbyist Meetings, Refusing to Prosecute Laws, Ignoring Duties

-By Warner Todd Huston In 2008 Obama ran for president claiming that he wanted to make Washington more transparent than ever. Obama ran as the law-and-order man, he ran as the anti-lobbyist man, and he ran as the man for all the people, the great centrist that would finally work for the people. He ran... Read more »

Sunshine Review Launches Premier Online Government Transparency Wiki

From sunshinereview.org… Website gives the State of Illinois an “B” transparency grade, counties get “D” ALEXANDRIA, VA – State and local government transparency champion Sunshine Review has announced a relaunch of its award winning transparency website, sunshinereview.org. The bold, innovative design provides users easy access to a database just under 60,000 articles while simultaneously building... Read more »

Mayoral Candidate Gery Chico's Chicago City Hall Transparency Ideas

-By Warner Todd Huston When Mayor Richard “King” Daley got himself a one billion dollar infusion of cash by selling the parking meters in the city (yes, I said one BILLION) everyone thought it was such a great deal. Gery Chico tells us that all this money is nearly gone and spent already. He wants... Read more »

Unions Attempting to Take Away Public's Right to Know in Illinois

From the Illinois Policy Institute… Earlier this year, the House and Senate passed HB 5154, a union-backed bill which would permanently take government employee performance evaluations out of the public sphere. Read more about why this matters to watchdogs like you. Governor Pat Quinn issued an “amendatory veto” that rightly narrowed the scope of the... Read more »

Sunshine Review Launches Online Transparency Platform for Legislators and Activists

From Sunshine Review… Platform and model legislation endorsed by leading state legislators Sunshine Review, the nation’s leading state and local government transparency advocate, launched SunshineStandard.org, an online platform for legislators and activists that will act as the national guide for launching reforms to expand the information available on state and local government web sites so... Read more »

For the Third Time Obama Gives Unions A Break From Transparency Rules

-By Warner Todd Huston The Obama administration and the Democrat Party has yet again instituted new rules to allow unions to get out of having to report their financial doings to the federal government by again rolling back reporting requirements. Obviously as far as Obama is concerned “transparency” is one of those things that only... Read more »

Video: The Great Reneger

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