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Net Neutrality Update

-By Warner Todd Huston If you are as worried as I am about the left’s effort to force ever larger amounts of big government onto our lives, then you should be looking into the issue of Net Neutrality. To that end a few times a week I’ll be posting some links and info about Net... Read more »

Opposing 'Net Neutrality'

-By Warner Todd Huston While attending RightOnLine in Las Vegas last week we had the opportunity to attend several discussions of the ill advised plans that the Obama administration’s Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has for regulating and controlling the Internet. I listened to a panel discussion and a stand alone speech on Net Neutrality and... Read more »

Sometimes Technology Isn't Benign

-By Warner Todd Huston For proof that man can take any great idea and turn it to evil comes a story from Saudi Arabia, our “ally” in the Mideast. This story also shows that advanced electronic technology isn’t always the panacea to life’s troubles that we always imagine it to be. In fact, to women... Read more »

Obamacare Will Kill Medical Technology

-By Warner Todd Huston In 2008 Patrick Swayze was treated with an advanced medical tool called a “CyberKnife.” It helped add months to his life as he tried to beat the cancer that was consuming him. But, Swayze wasn’t the only American with the good fortune to have this highly advanced medical technology available to... Read more »