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Calif. Teachers Show Support For Cop Murderer

-By Warner Todd Huston What the hell the un-American, murder-loving “teachers” in California should care about a cop-killing scumbag in Philadelphia is anyone’s guess. Convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal is finding some support in an unusual place – at the California Federation of Teachers Convention. Last month, delegates there passed a resolution to reaffirm their support... Read more »

Nat'l Teachers Union Chief Steals Reporter's Story for Speech Without Attribution

-By Warner Todd Huston I guess being the president of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) means not having to do your own homework. Just ask AFT President Randi Weingarten. Weingarten was caught using verbatim and without attribution the work of a journalist from New York in a speech she gave a week ago. Usually... Read more »

Wisconsin Judge Maryann Sumi & Her (SEIU, AFL-CIO) Political Operative Son

-By LaborUnionReport.com There’s nothing like a judge’s love for her son to cloud her otherwise-cloudy judgment. On Friday, unions scored a temporary victory to maintain their ability to collect union dues from Wisconsin public employees when Judge Maryann Sumi (the same judge who refused to order striking teachers back to work in February) issued a... Read more »

Indoctrination U: Union Thugs Using Kids As Shields in Wisconsin

-By Warner Todd Huston Ann Althouse has been one of the leading bloggers chronicling the union thugs that have infested Wisconsin over the last few weeks and yesterday she did it again. With her trusty video camera in hand, Althouse found some Wisconsin “teachers” leading little children in protest chants at the State Capitol at... Read more »

Senator Ron Johnson on The Budget and the Debate in Wisconsin

-By Warner Todd Huston Recently I was part of a conference call with Senator Ron Johnson (R, Wis). Johnson is a member of the GOP wave that over took Washington in the 2010 midterms. In a surprise to many, Johnson defeated long-time Wisconsin Senator, Democrat Russ Feingold. My first question was one that I have... Read more »

Who is Footing Wisconsin Fleebagger's Bills?

-By Warner Todd Huston The expenses for the Fleebagging Wisconsin Democratic Senators are mounting. It’s been about a week’s worth of expenses since they’ve gone on the lamb. So, who is paying for all this? There has been rampant speculation that third party donors and union lobbyists have been slipping these Wisc. State Senators some... Read more »

Left-Wing Union H8ters Update

-By Warner Todd Huston Today we have two examples of union thugs acting like, well, union thugs. We have two examples in Ohio and one in Wisconsin, two hotbeds for union whiners of late. The first one is the tale of a leftist protester arrested for calling in a bomb threat to an aviation business... Read more »

Teacher Thugs Cause $7.5 Million in Damage to Wisc. Capitol Bldg

-By Warner Todd Huston Not only are they ripping off Wisconsin’s taxpayers through their lavish salaries, pensions, and benefits, now government employees and their supporters are causing even more expenses born by Wisconsin’s working poor and middle classes because they have caused $7.5 million in damages with their protests at the Wisconsin State capitol building... Read more »

National Education Association to Double Members' Dues Spent on Politics

-By Warner Todd Huston Even as it tops the list of organizations spending money on political causes, the National Education Association (NEA) is planning to double the amount of its members’ dues spent on politics so that it can spend yet more on political campaigns — and all left-wing causes to boot. Last year the... Read more »

All Teachers Unions Must Fall, Not Just Wisconsin's

-By Warner Todd Huston The lies that have been peddled by the unions in Wisconsin are legion. They are claiming that Walker has a budget surplus he’s hiding, he isn’t. They have been claiming that it “isn’t about the money,” but it is. They have even claimed to be “sick” by having real doctors issue... Read more »