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Union Member Advocates for End of Capitalism, Private Property Rights

-By Warner Todd Huston Calling for civil unrest and the end to private property rights, Sharon Black of the Baltimore All-Peoples Congress, tried desperately to rouse communists and socialists everywhere at the Workers World Party’s annual conference on November 13th and 14th in New York City. Black — whose name is a fitting one for... Read more »

The Pilgrims and Property Rights: How Our Ancestors Got Fat & Happy

From the good folks at Reason.com…

Obama's Socialist-Admiring Medicaid/Medicare Chief Gets Hearing

-By Warner Todd Huston Donald Berwick, Obama’s nominee to head up the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, made himself infamous earlier this year when video came to light showing him telling a British audience how much he admired their socialist healthcare system because it “redistributes” the Brit’s wealth. Berwick went all warm and fuzzy... Read more »

What We Need to Say, And Say, And Say

-By Warner Todd Huston If leftists are good at one thing it is staying on message. Since 2006 when Nancy Pelosi was raised to the dizzying heights of Speaker of the House of Representatives the left has been chanting over and over that the voters wanted the country to take a hard left turn. This... Read more »

John Conyers Speaking at Democratic Socialists of America Meeting

-By Warner Todd Huston Should Democrats “pal around” with socialists? Whether it is a good idea or not here we have a sitting congressman actually going to a group of socialists and addressing them at one of their meetings. It wasn’t that many years ago that such a meeting would ring the death knell for... Read more »

Rep. Jan Schakowsky: The Most Extreme Left-Winger in Congress

According to GovTrack.us, a non-partisan legislative tracking service, Illinois Representative Jan Schakowsky is the most left-wing member of either of the two houses of Congress, based on the bills she co-sponsors. Similarly, the non-partisan National Journal, which measures members of Congress by their voting record, name Schakowsky as the most liberal Democrat in the House... Read more »

Video: What We Tea Party Conservatives Believe

Bill Whittle has a great, great video here helping to explain our conservative views in an intelligent, even soft-spoken, style. This is part one of two, the second to come soon. Progressive ideas have always failed and our ideas are successful every time they are tried. Bill Whittle is the host of PJTVs Afterburner.

9/12 Rally At D.C.'s Capitol Hill

-By Warner Todd Huston (I am finally back home where I can get to my photo editing software, so this report is a few hours late, but…) Over 50,000 patriotic Americans attended the 2010 edition of Freedom Works’s 9/12 March on the Capitol. Americans from all over the country attended and I below have a... Read more »

The Tax Left-Wing Professors Act

-By Warner Todd Huston James Lileks of the Minneapolis Star Tribune recently had a brilliant idea. Let’s tax tenured professors at a higher rate than everyone else. And how could they complain? After all, these left-wing, communist sympathizers are always saying everyone should pay more taxes. How could they complain about being called to “pay... Read more »

National Education Association Orders Members to Read Communist Guide Book

-By Warner Todd Huston The National Education Association (NEA) is the premier teachers union group in the country. As such it is instructive to learn the sort of reading material that the biggest of all teachers unions tells its own members to study so that they can more adequately represent teachers in America today. A... Read more »