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Anthony Weiner Admits He Sent the Original Photo, Lied About It

-By Warner Todd Huston Despite the many left-wingers spinning tales to make Weinergate the fault of conservative media mogul, Andrew Breitbart, Democrat New York Representative Anthony Weiner now admits that it was he who sent the original photo, that the underwear-clad person in the photo was indeed a photo of himself, and that he lied... Read more »

Our Modern Universities: Live Sex Shows in the Classroom

-By Warner Todd Huston So, what do you get for $500 an hour if you are Northwestern University Professor John Bailey and you’re looking for a new way to teach your class about sex? Apparently you get a live sex show right in the classroom where a woman is impaled with a sex toy jammed... Read more »

Dear Boss, This 'HOPA' Just Ain't That Into You

Dear Boss, This 'HOPA' Just Ain't That Into You
Today’s palette cleanser: Young Jenny was apparently a “HOPA” at the office… at lest she was as far as the boss was concerned. Well, let’s just say that our Miss Jenny wasn’t amused. So she quit her job and as she did so she emailed these 33 photos to her colleagues explaining why. CLICK HERE... Read more »

As Fellows Lose Jobs Union Fights For Stiffer Drug Benefits: Free Viagra

-By Warner Todd Huston Unions have for years been figuring out new ways to screw employers and in Madison, Wisconsin a teacher’s union is looking for yet another way to slam it to the taxpayers by insisting that they get a free Viagra drug benefit. In this bad economy, with states going bankrupt right and... Read more »

Librarians Having Sex at Work... and Who Cares, Anyway?

-By Warner Todd Huston UPI published a quickie on librarians getting their Dewey Decimals dotted at work the other day. The story centered on a survey of librarians that was conducted in the 1990s out of which the saucy stories of sex among the stacks came to light. The survey was full of all sort... Read more »

Madonna: Sex Selling Hypocrite

-By Warner Todd Huston I guess as a youngster she was busy designing wacky, risque outfits when she should have been learning the definitions of words, but Madonna — the famed “Material Girl” — uttered a whopper recently misusing the word “irony” when she should have been using the word “hypocrite”… as in what she... Read more »