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Senator Coburn's Ahistorical, Unworkable Tax Hike Plans

-By Warner Todd Huston Senator Tom Coburn (R, OK) is trying to break heavy with the Tea Partiers — and for that matter his own party — by encouraging Republicans to include massive tax hikes in the on going budget discussions in congress this year. Coburn appears to feel that a tax hike simply must... Read more »

Sen. Johnson: Obama and his Administration Have 'Little Experience in Manufacturing or Business'

-By Warner Todd Huston Senator Ron Johnson (R, Wis.) commented in advance of the President’s speech on manufacturing and is here to tell President Obama, “the government doesn’t create jobs, it creates debt and it is the private sector that creates long-term, self-sustaining jobs.” Today the President is traveling to Pittsburgh to talk about manufacturing.... Read more »

Democrat Budget 'Plan' is Nothing But a 'Blank Check' for Spending

Many Democrat Senators were all about fiscal responsibility… waaay back in 2006. Today, though, that whole idea is out the window. Check out some info on the Democrat Budget Plan HERE.

Obama Puts Unions Ahead of a Healthy Economy, Free Trade

-By Warner Todd Huston President Obama claims that he wants to “create jobs,” and is happily touting several policies that he claims will create jobs in this jobless, non-recovery. Unfortunately, all his polices really do is shore up the high cost unions that kill job growth. As GOP Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConell says, Obama... Read more »

Bambenek Announces for 52nd District Ill. State Senate

On Wednesday, 6/15/11, I will be announcing my run for the Republican nomination for the State Senate for the 52nd District currently held by Democrat Mike Frerichs. After having spoken with many of you and others around the district and state, I have been honored and humbled by the outpouring of support. Together, I know... Read more »

Ill. Democrat Assaults Fellow Senator On Floor of Senate!

-By Warner Todd Huston Apparently, when anyone dares question an Illinois Democrat he gets violent… even if he’s a state senator and he’s right on the floor of the senate itself. 51st District Senator Kyle McCarter (R- Lebanon) objected during the debate today about the ComEd utility legislation the Democrats were pushing. His fellow Senator,... Read more »

Sen. Dick Durbin Caused 'Gang of 6' Talks to Fall Apart

-By Warner Todd Huston From a gang of six to a gang of Dicks, Durbin torpedoes compromise once again The “gang of six” is a group of senators who had taken it upon themselves to come to some sort of agreement over the competing budget ideas between Republicans and Democrats. It was hoped that these... Read more »

11 Illinois Republicans That Support Illegal Immigrant DREAM Act

-By Warner Todd Huston When a communist newspaper celebrates the actions of Republicans, well, what more do you need to know how far off base a vote is? The People’s World is all excited about the fact that 11 Illinois State Senators voted to give freebie “scholarships” to illegal aliens to attend Illinois universities and... Read more »

Barry And Harry: America's Obstacles To Fiscal Responsibility

Courtesy of Citizens United.

Republicans Urge Fiscal Responsibility, Energy Policies That Create Jobs

This video was shown to GOP senators Tuesday highlighting the fight for responsible spending policies and the need to create an environment in which private-sector job creation can flourish. Democrats, on the other hand, continue to balk at any attempt to seriously address our nation’s spiraling debt. Senate Republicans continue to fight burdensome energy taxes... Read more »