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Chicago's New Top Cop: A Race Baiter That Stands Against the U.S. Constitution

-By Warner Todd Huston Once again St. Sabina, the “Catholic” Church on Chicago’s South Side, makes the news for race-baiting and down talking our U.S. Constitution. This time it is Chicago’s new Police Superintendent, Garry McCarthy, who appeared at the church and indulged his inner Father Pfleger with a rant on how the US is... Read more »

Huntsman Says He'd Support an Assault Weapons Ban... Until He Won't

-By Warner Todd Huston On Wednesday afternoon’s Hugh Hewitt radio show GOP hopeful Jon Huntsman said that he’d support an assault weapons ban and would not support the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), the latter because he supports civil unions. Hours later the Huntsman campaign reversed its candidate’s statement saying he misunderstood the question. He... Read more »

Gov. Quinn to Sign Illinois Firearm Owner's Privacy Bill

-By Warner Todd Huston Well, accidental Governor Pat Quinn is finally doing something right. He has pledged to sign HB3500, a bill that will keep confidential and away from the eyes of anti-gun activists and the Old Media alike the personal information of registered firearm owners in Illinois. The Illinois Senate passed the bill 42... Read more »

Illinois Citizens Suing State to Gain Concealed Carry

-By Warner Todd Huston A former corrections officer and a downstate farmer have joined with the Second Amendment Foundation to sue the State of Illinois over its constant failure to institute a concealed carry law. In its press release the Second Amendment Foundation says that, “Illinois statutes that completely ban the carrying of handguns for... Read more »

Democrat New Tone: Penn. Pol. Asks if She Can Kill a Colleague, 'Blow His Brains Out'

-By Warner Todd Huston Yes, it’s that new age of Democrat political civility rearing its ugly head yet again. During an April 12 debate on gun control Pennsylvania State Representative Margo Davidson of Philadelphia wondered aloud on the House floor if it might be OK for her to blow the brains out of one of... Read more »

Aussie Moron Gets Shot By Sticking Face In Front of Shotgun

-By Warner Todd Huston We certainly never want to see anyone shot accidentally. If a firearm is wielded it is imperative that the one pulling the trigger is in the right to do so. In Australia we have a case to prove the exception. Once in a while someone who gets accidentally shot, well, they... Read more »

Ill. Attny Gen to 'Out' Illinois Gun Owners

-By Warner Todd Huston Recently the Associated Press asked the Illinois State Police for its list of Illinois gun owners. The police refused saying that the release of the names and addresses of all those registered firearm owners in Illinois would be a violation of their privacy but Illinois Attorney General Democrat Lisa Madigan disagrees... Read more »

Ex-Black Panther, Current Politician Bobby Rush Uses MLK, Giffords to Call for Gun Control

-By Warner Todd Huston Bobby Rush always did have a lot of stones. He went from being an outlaw and criminal member of the Black Panthers in Chicago to being a legitimate, elected Congressman from the self-same city. Now Rush is hiding behind both the crime in Arizona and Martin Luther Kin, Jr. in order... Read more »

Slate Plays Loose With Facts Over Concealed Carrier's Arizona Actions

-By Warner Todd Huston Contrary to Senator Moynihan’s proclamation, Slate’s William Saletan thinks he’s entitled to his own facts. If not his own facts, then his own version of history at any rate. Anti-Second Amendment Saletan dreamed up his own little set of incidents and actions in order to castigate pro-Second Amendment supporters by claiming... Read more »

(Video) I Was a Guest on NRA Radio's 'Cam And Company' Show

-By Warner Todd Huston I was a guest on Cameron Gray’s National Rifle Association radio program “Cam and Company” last night. I was on the program to discuss my article about Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer’s wrong-headed interpretation of the Second Amendment as one that doesn’t really protect the individual’s right to bear arms. My... Read more »