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Are We Worse off Under Obama? More Say YES! Plus Huntsman, More 'One of Them'

Are We Worse off Under Obama? More Say YES! -By Warner Todd Huston While I thought him a great president, I am not one of those conservatives that constantly invoke the name of Ronald Reagan. But one aspect of his 1979 race for president is looking eerily familiar to today’s upcoming 2012 race for the... Read more »

Remembering D-Day With Ike and Reagan

-By Paul Kengor For me, Memorial Day happens twice within a week. The first, the official holiday at the end of May, is quickly reinforced a week later, every June 6: D-Day. Of all the wartime anniversaries, none strike me quite like D-Day — the invasion of Normandy, the liberation of France, the final push... Read more »

Chicago Tea Party: We Won The Ronald Reagan Award

From the Chicago Tea Party… We are very proud and humbled to tell you that the Chicago Tea Party Patriots were honored with the Ronald Reagan Award at CPAC 2011 in Washington, DC. The Ronald Reagan Award is CPAC’s highest honor and we’re one of only four tea party groups in the entire country to... Read more »

What Did Reagan Do and How Have Other Nations Solved Their Fiscal Problems?

-By Warner Todd Huston The Center for Freedom and Prosperity Foundation at CATO has made a few videos that help us understand how we have fixed some of our fiscal troubles in the past. In part two they also looked at a few foreign countries. Now, I have to admit that I am not much... Read more »

VIDEO: Speeches Given at Illinois GOP Reagan Dinner Gingrich, Bolton, Kirk, Rutherford

-By Warner Todd Huston Last weekend I attended the Ronald Reagan 100th birthday dinner held by the Illinois Republican Party. I filmed all the speeches given and I am finally done making the video for these speeches. I did not get Ill. GOP Chairman Pat Brady’s address, but I did get the others. In order... Read more »

Superbowl Fail: Superbowl's Ronald Reagan Video All But Ignored

-By Warner Todd Huston As Superbowl XLV began a video celebrating the life of Ronald Reagan was played on the jumbo tron screen in the stadium for the sports fans there to enjoy. It was only fitting seeing as how the game was being played on Reagan’s 100th birthday. But the national audiences were never... Read more »

VIDEO: Short Interview With Illinois GOP Chairman Pat Brady

VIDEO: Short Interview With Illinois GOP Chairman Pat Brady
-By Warner Todd Huston On February 5, 2011, I attended the Illinois GOP Ronald Reagan 100th Birthday Diner and there I had the opportunity to have a quick few minutes with Illinois GOP Chairman Pat Brady. I asked him about how the Ill. GOP intends to capitalize on the GOP gains in the rest of... Read more »

Seen at the Illinois Reagan Dinner...

-By Warner Todd Huston I just got home from the Illinois GOP Ronald Reagan 100th Birthday dinner and before I turn info the night I wanted to give a quick account of some of the folks I ran into this evening. Seen tonight was 6th District Representative Peter Roskam, the Chief Deputy Whip. I also... Read more »

Ronald Reagan: Father of the Tea Party

Ronald Reagan: Father of the Tea Party
-By Warner Todd Huston We are still living in Ronald Reagan’s era, despite the constant refrains from Democrats and the left that Reaganism is long dead. As we observe his 100th birthday, it is also beneficial to point out that in many ways Reagan is the father of the Tea Party Movement. It was his... Read more »

GOP Honors Reagan's 100th With New Website

Happy 100th Birthday President Reagan This Sunday, February 6th, marks the 100th Anniversary of the birth of Ronald Reagan, our 40th President, and a towering, visionary figure in the history of the Republican Party, the United States and the free world. The Republican National Committee is celebrating this milestone with a special website devoted to... Read more »