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Slate Says Detroit 'Needs' Anti-Christian, America-Slamming Statue

-By Warner Todd Huston For some strange reason the left-wing Internet site Slate.com thinks that the City of Detroit needs a statue erected to an anti-Christian, anti-American pop icon. That’s right, Slate thinks that Detroit needs to diss Jesus, slam capitalism, and attack the United States of America as an evil, violent nation. Strange recommendation... Read more »

Podcast: Is Robocp an 'American Jesus' Because He Kills People?

The latest podcast discusses the recent interview with the director of the 1987 movie Robocop who said that he envisioned the Robocop character as an “American Jesus” because he shoots and kills his enemies.

Robocop Director: Robocop Was an 'American Jesus' Because he Kills People

-By Warner Todd Huston Andrew Breitbart appeared at an awards ceremony in Chicago on Friday the 16th and one of his remarks was that Hollywood is “40 years into the left injecting bad into America.” To counter the bad, Breitbart urged us all to remind each other what is good in our great nation. As... Read more »