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VIDEO: Herman Cain Raises Voice at Blogger, Holds His Ground

-By Warner Todd Huston Herman Cain appeared at last weekend’s RightOnLine conference (June 18) to two standing ovations. His rousing campaign speech apparently hit all the right notes with the conservative audience in attendance. But afterward, in the blogger access room, there were a few sour notes, in one case Cain even angrily yelled at... Read more »

Herman Cain: Obama's NLRB 'A Direct Assault on the Free Market System'

-By Warner Todd Huston Presidential candidate Herman Cain (R) recently spoke with FOX Business Network’s (FBN) Neil Cavuto about the dispute between the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) and Boeing and its impact on the United States economy. Cain said what the NLRB is trying to do keeping Boeing out of Charleston is “a direct... Read more »

Republican State Rep. Mark Beaubien Dies

SPRINGFIELD — Illinois Rep. Mark Beaubien Jr., a Republican lawmaker since 1996 and the former head of a family banking business, died unexpectedly Sunday afternoon. Beaubien, 68, of Barrington Hills was at a Republican fundraising event at Arlington Park race track with family, friends and colleagues when he died. “I am deeply saddened by the... Read more »

Illinois Going to Pot? GOP Leader Now Supporting Medical Marijuana Bill

-By Warner Todd Huston The Illinois Family Institute is a bit worried over the about face that House GOP Leader Tom Cross has made on HB 30, a bill that includes legalizing medical marijuana sales in Illinois. On April 15, Fox News Chicago reported that Cross switched from a “no” vote to “yes” because he... Read more »

CBS' Bob Schieffer, Class Warrior: Hey, I know. Let's Soak the Rich!

-By Warner Todd Huston If there was any doubt about how hostile the Old Media is toward tax cuts, spending cuts, and making government accountable and Constitutionally justifiable, CBS’ Bob Schieffer is happy to dispel that doubt. On the April 17 episode of Face the Nation, Schieffer asked Congressman Paul Ryan (R, WS) why we... Read more »

Rep Joe Walsh on a Gov't Shut Down

Newly minted Republican Congressman Joe Walsh of the 8th Illinois District recently spoke to CBS News about the possibility of a government shut down due to the Democrat’s reticence to come up with their own budget policies. It should be remembered that the Democrats never DID pass a budget in 2010 and the House of... Read more »

Rep. Peter Roskam: Want a Fresh Start?

From the office of Congressman Peter Roskam (R,IL)… The American people gave House Republicans some very clear priorities last November, like focus on creating jobs, stop spending money we don’t have, and work to end the Democrats’ job-destroying health care law. That is the message I heard from my district, and that is exactly what... Read more »

American Majority Activist/Candidate Training

-By Warner Todd Huston I just got back from sitting on the new media discussion panel at the American Majority Candidate Training session held in Palatine, Illinois, a northern suburb of Chicago. On the panel we discussed things such as how candidates should approach the new and old media alike, how should candidates handle interviews,... Read more »

Mitch Daniels Explains Himself Well... But Having to is a Problem

-By Warner Todd Huston Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels once again did a fine job explaining himself over his recent seemingly controversial opposition to introducing any right to work laws in Indiana. Turns out he really isn’t that opposed to it, but he sure seemed to be against the idea a few days ago. He has... Read more »

Happy Holidays And Other News

From the Office of Cook County Commissioner Timothy O. Schneider… Commissioner Timothy O. Schneider sworn in December 6, 2010 On Monday, December 6th, 2010, Commissioner Timothy O. Schneider took the oath of office for his second term on the Cook County Board. Over the next four years, Commissioner Schneider will continue to fight to reduce... Read more »