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Hartford City Council to Start Meeting With Islamic Prayer

-By Warner Todd Huston In a move sure to see some controversy, the city council of Hartford, Connecticut has decided to start off its city council meetings with a Muslim prayer. An email from the city says they are doing this as “an act of solidarity with our Muslim brothers and sisters.” The email from... Read more »

Missouri Grade School: Singing 'Happy Birthday' Song is 'Insensitive'

-By Warner Todd Huston Fox News Radio’s Todd Sterns reported that a Missouri elementary school tried to ban the singing of “Happy Birthday To You” in order to be “sensitive” about those students that might find singing in public to be “offensive.” In a letter sent home to parents, school Principal Jodi Davidson (pictured) explained... Read more »

The Left's Newfound Respect for Freedom of Religion

-By Warner Todd Huston For 20 years or more the left has initiated a steady campaign to destroy the free expression of religion in America. From attacking on government property any Christmas Nativity scenes, crosses or portraits of Jesus, to summarily eliminating prayer in school, even to go so far as to prevent kids who... Read more »

Religious Freedom, Property Rights vs. Government Control

-By Warner Todd Huston As the left falls all over itself to claim that building the Ground Zero Mega-Mosque is the perfect chance to “showcase” our “Constitutional freedoms” and our religious tolerance, there is another state where religious tolerance is not as noticeably on display as it is for New York’s Muslims. Naturally, in Vermont,... Read more »

Daily Kos Editor Says Global Warming Skeptics Should Commit Suicide

-By Warner Todd Huston This is how the left treats those with whom they disagree, folks. Daily Kos contributing editor and Examiner.com writer Steven Andrew has suggested that anyone that disagrees with the globaloney of global warming should commit suicide in a “Soylent Green world.” In his examiner column headlined, “Studies Show Dramatic Decrease in... Read more »

U of Ill. Instructor Fired Over His Catholic Beliefs

-By Warner Todd Huston A University of Illinois instructor of the school’s Introduction to Catholicism and Modern Catholic Thought course was fired at the end of last semester because he had the temerity to send a student an email that explained the Catholic doctrine against homosexuality. In the email, professor Ken Howell of Champaign wrote,... Read more »

In Florida Schools, Bibles Banned... On Religious Freedom Day

-By Warner Todd Huston A group called Liberty Counsel is suing Florida’s Collier County Schools for banning Bibles from being distributed on its campuses even after allowing the practice for years. The organization World Changers has been distributing Bibles to students during off-school hours on the day closest to national Religious Freedom Day — held... Read more »

American Medical Group Facilitates Barbaric Practice of 'Female Circumcision'

NOTE: To avoid confusion, this article is NOT about the American Medical Association. It is about a different American medical group called the American Academy of Pediatrics. My headline is not meant to implicate the AMA in anything but means to discuss the actions of “an” American medical group, in this case the AAP. I... Read more »

Podcast: Obama Creating His Own Green Religion, Using Federal $$ to do it

Here is this week’s podcast…

Obama's Faith-Based Programs Pushing Global Warming, Climate Change, Green Issues

-By Warner Todd Huston Widely reviled by the left, Bush’s faith-based initiatives were claimed to be evidence that Bush was a “religious zealot” trying to destroy America with evil Christianity. Now, two years into the Obama administration, we are seeing what Obama intends to do with his continuation of Bush’s faith-based offices: he wants to... Read more »