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Texas: More Atheists Lies Get Court Backing

-By Warner Todd Huston In another strike against freedom, democracy, and American traditions a Texas court has decided that a Texas High School cannot have a prayer during its upcoming graduation ceremonies. Not only that, but according to this judge speakers are even barred from saying the words “join in prayer,” “bow their heads,” “amen,”... Read more »

L.A. Times Tim Rutten, Historical Idiot

-By Warner Todd Huston Tim Rutten is a left-wing, hack writer from L.A. He is always good for contemporary left wing trope but the other day we discovered that he is also good for the sort of uninformed blathering that leftists of his ilk pretend is American history. Chiefly that of America’s religious history and... Read more »

Racebaiter Chicago Priest Reinstated By Spineless Cardinal

-By Warner Todd Huston Father Michael Pfleger, one of the most hateful and divisive priests on the American Catholic scene, has been temporarily given back his position as pastor of St. Sabina Catholic Church on Chicago’s South Side by Chicago’s Cardinal Francis George. In a new statement posted on the website of the Archdiocese of... Read more »

This is Why I Hate Political Correctness Easter Edition

-By Warner Todd Huston Yes, I said the un-PC word, hate. Before I rant, take a look at this Easter themed AP photo: A polar bear breaks a decorated Easter egg with food inside at the zoo in Buenos Aires, Argentina OK, now this is supposed to be a photo of a zoo-held bear getting... Read more »

Muslims Rail Against Baseball Team's Jewish Heritage Night

-By Warner Todd Huston Apparently the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is not happy that the Oakland A’s have scheduled its first Jewish Heritage night. In fact, CAIR thinks that the mere fact that the A’s even have a night to recognize Jewish fans is somehow evidence that America is out to get Muslims. It... Read more »

Was Lincoln REALLY a Secret Atheist?

-By Warner Todd Huston Here we go again. This sort of nonsense that passes for journalism rehashing our history, and badly at that, always comes up when there’s some sort of anniversary in the offing. This time it is the 150th anniversary of the Civil War which gave Discovery News an excuse to cast Lincoln... Read more »

Chicago Media Ignores African-American Rally Against Same-Sex Marriage

-By Warner Todd Huston I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised that a rally held by a coalition of Chicago-area black pastors that gathered to warn Illinois against same-sex marriage and civil unions was ignored by the Old Media in Chicago. Still, as unsurprising as it it, it’s a bit galling that this event went unreported... Read more »

Death Of The West: Creeping Shariah

-By Warner Todd Huston The worst aspect of the Muslim invasion of the west is the alarming way that Islam is undermining Western culture using the west’s own liberal, democratic processes to do so. Muslims are using our own best philosophy against us and it is working to destroy our own culture, laws, and traditions,... Read more »

Two Examples Showing Liberals Don't Know ANYTHING About U.S. History

-By Warner Todd Huston This week we have two prominent examples proving that liberals are ignoramuses about the Constitution and U.S. history. One incident wholly misunderstood by the left was uttered by the redoubtable Sarah Palin and the other by Christine O’Donnell. First up Sarah. In Nevada Sarah Palin kicked off a new tour to... Read more »

Eco-Fascists in England Want You Dead Unless You Agree With Them

-By Warner Todd Huston There is an eco-nazi effort going on in England called the 10:10 Campaign and in a video meant to encourage people to join the green effort people that disagree with the eco-nazis are murdered for their skepticism. Apparently murdering those that disagree with you is supposed to be funny. In a... Read more »