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Will a Lloyd Dobler Economy Save Us?

-By Beth Shaw Will a Lloyd Dobler economy save us? That’s the question being asked around the internet today and we can surely expect more of that sort of question as we are seeing more and more headlines of looming economic disaster, both nationally and globally. What is getting in the way of the United... Read more »

How Obama's Big Labor Pals Warp the System

-By Warner Todd Huston Last September the Senate refused to reverse a rules change made out of pocket by Obama’s National Mediation Board. The rule change reversed a 75-year-old practice and made it possible to unionize a company even if less than half of its employees wanted to be unionized. Previous to the rules change,... Read more »

First Obamacare Waivers Now EPA Rules Waivers

-By Warner Todd Huston The Obama Administration is quickly becoming the most corrupt administration in American history. Recently we reported about the mounting number of waivers that Obama is giving his union pals and union supporters so that they can get away from having to suffer under his Obamacare law and now the president’s jobs-killing... Read more »

Obama Now a Regulation Slayer? Hardly!

-By Warner Todd Huston On Tuesday, President Obama had an op ed published in the Wall Street Journal. In it Obama insisted that our economy has been hurt by “unreasonable burdens on business” and that the regulatory sector had “gotten out of balance.” He promised that he’d make efforts to trim away regulations costly to... Read more »

President Gets Around Annoying Voters, Instills Death Panels By Regulation

-By Warner Todd Huston Some of you may have missed this story since it was published on the day after Christmas (and a Sunday at that), but Obama’s death panels are back, this time via the president’s fiat regulatory powers. Since it was easy to have missed, I’ve decided to post the story today (Monday)... Read more »

Indiana County Throwing Man off His Own Property For Living in Camper

-By Warner Todd Huston A county government in Indiana has decided that a man that is bothering no one, a man living a very simple lifestyle, a man living on his own property must be evicted from it. Why have these jackbooted government thugs decided that this must be done? Because the man has the... Read more »

FCC Chief Still Pushing Net Neutrality Without Congressional Action

-By Warner Todd Huston With the recent midterm election and the resulting GOP tidal wave that is about to inundate Congress, many people have wondered aloud if net neutrality was dead? Well if FCC Chief Julius Genachowski has his way, net neutrality will be implemented by fiat when he has his agency simply change rules... Read more »

Unions Attempting to Take Away Public's Right to Know in Illinois

From the Illinois Policy Institute… Earlier this year, the House and Senate passed HB 5154, a union-backed bill which would permanently take government employee performance evaluations out of the public sphere. Read more about why this matters to watchdogs like you. Governor Pat Quinn issued an “amendatory veto” that rightly narrowed the scope of the... Read more »

Chile's Miners Would Still Be Down There if They Were Democrats

-By Warner Todd Huston The world is rejoicing that the miners trapped for over a month in the bowels of a mountain in Chile are finally rescued. As the rescue was ongoing President Barack Obama said of the worried families, “the tears they shed after so much time apart expressed not only their own relief,... Read more »

Small Businessman Raped By Legal System

A small businessman that owns rental property was sued by a woman claiming “mental distress” because he left on her door notices that informed her of repairs, notices that he was required by law to leave for her knowledge. This is the sort of abuse of the system that drives up costs for all of... Read more »