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Welcome to 'Smug-A-Palooza': a Fake Rally for the Arrogant

-By Warner Todd Huston Think you’re smarter than everyone else? Think you are more “civilized,” more “adult,” and more “informed” than all around you? Then your arrogance makes you a perfect contestant for the Comedy Central Shark-Jumping event with the two… well, I guess you call them “comedians”… Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. They think... Read more »

Crossroads School, a K Through 12 School Sponsoring Left-Wing Rally?

-By Warner Todd Huston Crossroads School for Arts & Sciences, a K-12 facility in Santa Monica, California, is tired of all the political insanity out there. To help ameliorate this state of affairs, the school has decided to use its campus assets, its school email system, and its teachers to sponsor a Jon Stewart-styled rally... Read more »

9/12 Rally At D.C.'s Capitol Hill

-By Warner Todd Huston (I am finally back home where I can get to my photo editing software, so this report is a few hours late, but…) Over 50,000 patriotic Americans attended the 2010 edition of Freedom Works’s 9/12 March on the Capitol. Americans from all over the country attended and I below have a... Read more »