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Left-Wingers Have the Cash To Constantly Beat Conservatives

-By Warner Todd Huston As some of you may remember I have been covering the anti-vote fraud efforts of True The Vote, a program created by the Texas-based King Street Patriots. They recently sent out a fund raising letter that almost immediately drew the notice of left wingers intent on destroying their anti-vote fraud work.... Read more »

Shocking: Dave Weigel Doesn't Get Sarah Palin

-By Warner Todd Huston Like most leftists, former Washington Post blogger David Weigel just doesn’t get Sarah Palin. Weigel took a look at the year-end contributions from the Political Action Committees (PACs) sponsored by Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin and what he saw there baffled him. While Weigel thought he understood the “strategy” of Romney’s... Read more »

Video: CEI's Vincent Vernuccio on Where Union Dues Go

-By Warner Todd Huston Vincent Vernuccio of the Competitive Enterprise Institute appeared on Fox Business Channel’s “Follow the Money” show and talked a little bit about where the dues that union members pay goes. Fox Business only gave a snippet of the video that CEI made so here is the full video.

SEIU's Shady Political Cash

-By Warner Todd Huston Marc Theissen recently asked some very important questions about where the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) is getting the mountains of cash that it spends on Democrat political campaigns. He finds that it is coming from foreign sources, but the SEIU is refusing to yield to requests for transparency. If the... Read more »

VIDEO: A Typical Debate Between a Democrat and a Republican (Humor)

Here we have a typical encounter between an all caring, more civilized, smarter, and more loving Democrat and one of those eeeevil Republicans. As soon as politics is brought up, hilarity ensues.

Send Your Kids to 'Camp Politics'

The Institute for Justice has tried its hand at some satire and political commentary with pleasing results… Too much in there is a “sad but true” proposition.

A Reminder of What Union Leaders Feel About Our Political System

-By Warner Todd Huston Back in 2007 Andy Stern, the now former President of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), attended a forum sponsored by the NDN Globalization Initiative and during the question and answer period after his remarks he said that he was “totally involved in distorting the political system.” Here the president of... Read more »

Podcast: For Liberals, Deception is an Important Tactic

In this week’s podcast we explore how liberals lie to get their policy ideas through and how, as far as they are concerned, it is legitimate to do so.

Democrats' Un-American Hate for the Constitution

-By Warner Todd Huston California Democrat Pete Stark thinks that the Constitution of the United States is powerless to control the every desire of Democrats. He thinks that the Constitution is not a guide for limited government, but an excuse for intrusive government. It’s easy to dismiss Stark over his long history of distempered public... Read more »

A Misleading Story on 'Facts'

-By Warner Todd Huston On July 11, the Boston Globe featured a story on “facts” and how people just don’t seem to want to hear them when they intersect with closely held political opinions. The story has some interesting points to make, points that seem quite sensible, but there is no escaping the fact that... Read more »