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Warrantless Searches By Police of Your Cell Phone

-By Warner Todd Huston News during this past week a story made the rounds that police in Michigan may be using a device in random traffic stops that instantly copies all the data on your cell phone and stores it for later use by police. It was said that this data copying is going on... Read more »

British Police Afraid of Local Kids, Soon to Come to the USA?

-By Warner Todd Huston A British police chief has prohibited his own officers from patrolling a local park after dark because he and his fellows are afraid of the punks and trouble makers that infest the place at night. Thanks to a self-destructive and blind obeisance to PCism Britain has truly become an asylum run... Read more »

Reid Still Looking to Introduce Forced Unionizing Bill

-By Warner Todd Huston As we discussed a few days ago, Senate Democrat Majority Leader Harry Reid still intends to push the bill that wold nationalize all police and firefighter unions. The bill is titled the Public Safety Employer-Employee Cooperation Act (S 3391) and would force all local, city, county, and state police and firefighter... Read more »

Wed in the Senate: Reid to Try and Force Cloture Votes on DREAM Act and Forced Unionization Act

-By Warner Todd Huston Call Your Senator Tell Them to Vote NO on DREAM Act and Forced Nationalized Unionization of Police/Firemen From contacts in the Senate we’ve learned that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D, Nev.) will likely on Wednesday (Dec. 8) try and bring a cloture vote on The DREAM Act and the Public... Read more »

Chicago Cops/Firemen Retire as Millionaires

-By Warner Todd Huston There really is no excuse for any public servant to retire with a pension worth $1.3 million dollars of the people’s tax money. None. But that is precisely what happens in the City of Chicago according to Chicago’s Civic Committee. Crain’s Greg Hinz reports that the Civic Commission sent an email... Read more »

Should Federal Clerks and Archivists Have Guns and Badges?

-By Warner Todd Huston To attest to the ever more authoritarian nature of our federal government, I give you the stormtroopers of the National Archives who, for some unfathomable reason, have guns, badges and the power to “raid homes.” The L.A. Times published a story recently detailing the poor state of security of our National... Read more »

$26.1 Billion Union Bailout Bill Passes

-By Warner Todd Huston Pay close attention, Delaware. Your Congressman, Mike Castle, just voted for the $26.1 billion union bailout. Castle was one of only two Republicans to vote yes on this bloated union pay off (the other was Louisiana’s Cao). On a 247 to 161 vote, the House passed the $26.1 billion Education Jobs... Read more »

Looks Like I'll Be on Fox Business Channel at 3PM Central Today

-By Warner Todd Huston As of right now I’ll be live on FoxNews Business Channel’s “Money Rocks” today at 3pm CT. We’re talking the Illinois pension mess. Of course, you know how TV is. I may get down there and get all ready and they may bump my segment. So, we can only cross our... Read more »

Old Cop / New Cop: I'll Take the Past

-By Richard Solita The modern police officers of today are certainly poles apart from the cop of twenty years ago. For one thing, many claim the progressive police are much more professional and educated than the dinosaurs that walked the streets two decades ago. That may be true, but is that what the public wants?... Read more »

My first IBD Article Goes Live Today

-By Warner Todd Huston Yippie, My First Investor’s Business Daily Article goes live: Reid’s Push To Nationalize Police Unions. Please do check it out.