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NBC Sports Removes 'Under God' From Kids Saying Pledge of Allegiance

-By Warner Todd Huston In its intro to the 2011 U.S. Open golf tournament, NBC Sports had a heart stirring montage of Old Glory, school kids reciting the pledge of allegiance, all intercut with some of golf’s biggest contemporary stars. It had everything: resounding music, patriotism, and golf. But one thing it didn’t have… the... Read more »

Good to See University Students Acting Patriotically For A Change... But...

-By Warner Todd Huston Today a left-wing, anti-American student at Louisiana State University wanted to burn a flag for, he claimed, “due process for students and suspected terrorists alike.” Yeah. Whatever. As it happens, the students he was claiming to represent didn’t seem to appreciate his idea, though. Several hundred of them turned out to... Read more »

Great Patriotic Music Video: I'm An American by John Schwarzman

John Schwarzman is a conservative from Reston, Virginia and has written and produced a music video that everyone should see. Is there any other country where folks feel this way of their home? I don’t think there is. There’s a reason for that!

Mass. School Kids Now 'Allowed' To Say the Pledge of Allegiance

-By Warner Todd Huston What sort of nation have we become when it takes monumental efforts by a kid to get a school administration to “allow” them all to recite the Pledge of Allegiance? Nonetheless, that is the nation that liberals have turned these great United States into as after two months of wrangling Arlington,... Read more »

Video: I Am A Tired American

Well, we just celebrated Independence Day, a day we rejoiced at the things we love about America. But, let’s face it, there are things going on in America today NOT to love. Here is a video to point out those things we are all “tired of.”

They Fought for Us

Don’t forget what they have done and continue to do for us.

2-Inch-Tall Army Soldiers Gets School Kid Reprimanded

-By Warner Todd Huston A policy of no tolerance for weapons got an 8-year-old boy in trouble at his Rhode Island grade school this week. The boy brought in nearly a dozen M-14 Army rifles to his Tiogue School in Coventry, R.I. grade school and was chastised by the principal for the outrage. How did... Read more »

Calif. School Bans American Flag Clothing For Non-Existent Mexican Holiday?

-By Warner Todd Huston California schools really do hate America. In California apparently you are a bad little boy if you wear to school clothing adorned with the good ol’ Red, White and Blue. You get thrown out, in fact. At least that is what happened to several patriotic American boys that attend Comunidad Educativa... Read more »

The Dregs of American Society Meet at Another Anti-War Rally

Imagine the body odor at this thing! Flag burners, hypocrites, hippie wannabes, terror supporters, Taqiyya-pushing, Islamic terror loving, anti-American cretins, and the average and generally uninformed, hate-filled leftists… you know, the kind that fills the Democrat Party… the kind we’ve all met that lean to the anti-American left? You know, those kind that are just... Read more »

Dear President Obama, We the People are Speaking

Can you hear us yet Mr. President?