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Illinois GOP Amends Bylaws on SCC Elections

From the Illinois GOP… The State Central Committee of the Illinois Republican Party amended their bylaws yesterday to resolve a long-standing issue with regard to voting open precincts in the election of State Central Committeemen. The amendment addressed the issue of allocation of votes from precincts that do not have elected Republican Precinct Committeemen. Prior... Read more »

VIDEO: Short Interview With Illinois GOP Chairman Pat Brady

VIDEO: Short Interview With Illinois GOP Chairman Pat Brady
-By Warner Todd Huston On February 5, 2011, I attended the Illinois GOP Ronald Reagan 100th Birthday Diner and there I had the opportunity to have a quick few minutes with Illinois GOP Chairman Pat Brady. I asked him about how the Ill. GOP intends to capitalize on the GOP gains in the rest of... Read more »

Do We Need 'Civil Disobedience' In Illinois? One Blogger Thinks So

-By Warner Todd Huston Tom Mannis of Chicago News Bench says the time has come for civil disobedience in Illinois. With the recent steep climb in income taxes bequeathed us by Illinois Democrats it is painfully obvious that our politicians in Illinois don’t care much about us. It is obvious, too, that they have a... Read more »

Illinois Republican State Central Committee Meeting Report

I’ve attended one of these meetings in the past and to tell the truth, the Party does not take much effort to make what goes on there relevant to anything in the general electorate. Then,. after the public session they shoo everyone out and have the private leadership meeting and the public is not invited.... Read more »

Highlights of Illinois GOP Chair Brady's Conference Call

-By Warner Todd Huston Earlier today the Chairman of the Illinois GOP conducted a conference call with the media and other interested folks concerning the Illinois GOP’s plans and thoughts on the coming election. Here are some of the highlights of what Brady said… “The visit today says more about Alexi’s weakness as a candidate... Read more »

Highlights From Pat Brady's Comments on Elections

Earlier this week Illinois GOP Chair Pat Brady hosted a conference call to discuss the state Party’s efforts for this election cycle. Here are some highlights of that call: “As always we welcome the President at home but his campaign appearance in his home state speaks volumes as to the state of the Democratic Party... Read more »

GOP Boss Pat Brady: 'We Won't Make Big Deal of Blago Verdict.'... Ill. GOP Being the Stupid Party Again?

-By Warner Todd Huston On WBEZ radio the Chairman of the Illinois GOP made an odd statement. He told the radio station that he didn’t think the Illinois GOP was going to make a big deal out of the upcoming verdict in troubled Democrat Governor Rod Blagojevich’s trial. Not make a big deal of it?... Read more »

National GOP Officials Announce Investment in Ill. GOP Races

WASHINGTON – The Republican National Committee (RNC) today announced its Illinois D2H Victory campaign to establish the grassroots political operation to ensure Republican candidates are successful in November. In partnership with the Illinois Republican Party (IL GOP), the RNC is providing funding and resources to build the in-state GOP structure to support Republican leaders. The... Read more »

GOP Chairman Elected to Full Term

-By Warner Todd Huston GOP Party Chairman Pat Brady was elected to a full term as chairman at the State Central Committee meeting this weekend. Brady was appointed to the position by the state GOP after former Chairman Andy McKenna stepped down in an unsuccessful attempt to run for Governor last year. Brady served the... Read more »