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Jindal Calls Obama's Actions in Gulf a 'War' on Louisiana

-By Warner Todd Huston Governor Bobby Jindal gives a speech at the Rally For Economic Survival in Lafayette, Louisiana. Over 11,000 people gathered at the Cajun Dome to protest what they say is an assault on Louisiana’s economy by President Barack Obama. “The fact that the federal government can’t do its job shouldn’t cost thousands... Read more »

Video: How Obama's Drilling Moratorium Affecting LA Citizens

Tens of thousands of jobs lost to Obama’s drilling moratorium… A Discussion on Obama’s oil drilling moratorium by Doctor Bill Cassidy, R. LA 6th Congressional District. This was filmed at the Tea Party of Louisiana July 12, 2010 townhall meeting.

First Lady to Waste Millions 'Visiting' The Gulf Oil Spill

-By Warner Todd Huston When times were flush, I guess it didn’t seem so outrageous for the First Lady of the White House to fly about the country “visiting” places as if she were an important part of our national government. I suppose it was nice to have a First Lady leading by example with... Read more »

Obama Wants to talk Energy... Well, Except for BP Spill

-By Warner Todd Huston On one hand the administration and its cohorts in the Democrat majority want to use the BP oil spill as an excuse to wildly raise taxes on energy, to instill cap and trade, and to excuse more regulations in order to take control of as much of our national economy as... Read more »

Tax Hike Fever: Obama is 'Arresting the Victim After He's Been Mugged'

-By Warner Todd Huston Steve Everley has a piece at TownHall.com that is one of those “of course they are” moments. As we all know, White House Chief of Staff claimed that he and his comrades would never let a good crisis go to waste and Everley reminds us that the BP oil spill is... Read more »

Obama's Drilling Moratorium a Sop to Unions?

-By Warner Todd Huston The president of the Seafarers International Union’s Gulf Coast District, Dean Corgey, recently penned an op ed in which he noted an interesting fact: deepwater oil drilling rigs are “100 percent non-union.” With this in mind one of union bought president Barack Obama’s major decisions — in fact, one of his... Read more »

Obama Fail: Hundreds of Oil Skimmers NOT Being Used in Gulf

-By Warner Todd Huston Ken Marrero alerted me to this video of Florida Senator George LeMieux alerting the world that there are hundreds of oil skimmers across the country and the federal government has refused to allow them to be transferred to the Gulf to help in the cleanup because — get this — there... Read more »

Atlanta Journal Columnist Tucker Says USA is 'The Enemy'

-By Warner Todd Huston Columnist Cynthia Tucker of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, a 2007 Pulitzer Prize winner, has found the enemy and he is us. During a recent episode of the Chris Matthews show, Tucker decided that because we are “addicted to petroleum” we are our own enemy just as much as communism was our enemy... Read more »

While the Gulf Burns, NeroObama Golfs

How many rounds of golf have you played as millions of barrels of oil empty out into the Gulf of Mexico, Mr. Obama? I guess he meant he’d “kick some ass” on the golf course, not the Gulf course.

Unions Preventing a Timely Cleanup of Oil in the Gulf?

-By Warner Todd Huston Joseph Carafano of the Heritage Foundation has made an interesting observation and wonders if President Obama is allowing unions to make it harder to effect a timely and effective cleanup of the BP oil spill in the Gulf? The offer of aid from foreign companies has been refused by the Obama... Read more »