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VIDEO: NPR Execs Love Radical Islamists, Hate Conservatives/Tea Party

-By Warner Todd Huston Undercover video maker James O’Keefe has struck again. This time he had his crew pose as members of a radical Islamic group that wanted to donate $5 million to National Public Radio (NPR) and during the lunch NPR execs said that they loved the radical Muslim group and hated American conservatives... Read more »

Denial: Obama Nat'l Sec. Advisor Says 'Many Different Faiths' Turn to Terrorism

-By Warner Todd Huston What do they say about denial, that it isn’t just a river in Egypt? That old quip constantly is brought to mind as President Obama and his administration prove over and over again that they are in complete denial about the danger we are facing in radical Islam. This time it... Read more »

Xmas Sing Along: Jihad Bells, Jihad Bells, Jihad all the Way...

The good folks at LatmaTV are back with a rousing Palestinian Christmas carol. It is suitably titled “Jihad Bells” and gives us a first hand look at why Christians have been “mysteriously” disappearing from The PA controlled areas and in the Muslim world. Could it be that the Muzzies persecute them mercilessly? Let’s find out…

Obama's Attny Gen. Says Americans More Dangerous Than Al Qaeda

-By Warner Todd Huston U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder told ABC News that he has “sleepless nights” over his worry about domestic terrorists. He thinks that Americans, natural born are far more dangerous than foreign terrorists. At some level he has a point, but the way he phrased the whole issue once again proves that... Read more »

Helen Thomas 'Spirit of Diversity' Award Canceled After Latest Anti-Semitic Comments

-By Warner Todd Huston A few days ago the miserable Helen Thomas, famed long-time Washington correspondent, let her hatred for Jews get the best of her once again. At a workshop held in Dearborn, Michigan dedicated to fighting anti-Arab bias in the United States, Thomas came out forcefully against the “Zionists” in Israel and the... Read more »

All Those Anti-Muslim Hate Crimes in the U.S. Aren't Happening

-By Warner Todd Huston Apparently there is an awful lot of “anti-Muslim hate” going on in this post 9/11 America. At least that’s what the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) gravely tells us each and every day. Just look at all this anti-Islamic bigotry going on out there: In May, CAIR demanded that the GOP... Read more »

A Unionized TSA Will Make Our Airports Less Safe

-By Warner Todd Huston Everywhere you turn the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) is getting lambasted. If it isn’t people refusing to abide by TSA directions, it’s stories of a “backlash against body scanners” because of the abusive treatment that TSA employees are doling out to travelers. People are becoming fed up with the whole edifice.... Read more »

Obama's Disastrous Visit to India

-By Warner Todd Huston President Barack Obama’s now concluding trip to India seems to have turned out to be a failed or at the very least unhelpful effort. His false starts, unhelpful comments and bad policy moves mark this visit as a bit of a mess. Obama made multiple gaffes not only for India but... Read more »

Death Of The West: Creeping Shariah

-By Warner Todd Huston The worst aspect of the Muslim invasion of the west is the alarming way that Islam is undermining Western culture using the west’s own liberal, democratic processes to do so. Muslims are using our own best philosophy against us and it is working to destroy our own culture, laws, and traditions,... Read more »

(Illinois) Roesmont Center Hosts Anti-"Islampphobia" Event

-By Warner Todd Huston The Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Illinois is hosting a pro-Islam event that intends to stop the “Islamophobia” going on across the U.S.A. A coalition of Chicago-area Muslim groups organized the event held at the convention center in order to combat “hate” they see being leveled against Muslims in... Read more »