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Grand Rapids, Michigan Refuses to be Called a Dying City!

Not long ago the City of Grand Rapids, Michigan was called a “dying city” by Newsweek. The folks living there took exception to that characterization. So, a couple of 5,000 citizens or so decided to get together and make a music video to show their civic pride… Read the story of the making of this... Read more »

Great Rockin' Song: Union Man -- Come On And Give Me MOOOORE!

To hell with the taxpayer, gonna make ’em pay MORE! Glen Shulfer rips the ripoff artists in the unions a new one in this rockin’ new tune. Glen writes us and says, “Witnessing the sense of entitlement by the union employees during the Madison protests, I was inspired to write a song called ‘Union Man.’... Read more »

Yeah It's a Crap Song, But Why That Hatin' On This Poor Kid?

-By Warner Todd Huston Rebecca Black has been, like, totally taken aback by the, like, amazing fame her little YouTube song has brought her… but she is bummed by all the h8ters, too. She shouldn’t be too surprised that people hate her song though. It really is crap of the lowest… or is it highest…... Read more »

2010: The Entertainment Industry's PC Year in Review

-By Warner Todd Huston For the entertainment industry’s practitioners of political correctness, 2010 was another banner year. Even as conservatives have made deserved headway in La La Land and other areas of the industry, there still aren’t enough conservatives to bring much needed patriotism, logic, and common sense to the scene. Sadly, the industry is... Read more »

RIP Captain Beefheart

-By Warner Todd Huston Back in the late 70s and early 80s I got into a band called “Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band.” Really great, wacky, seemingly improvised, music. Strange, haunting, exuberant. Did I say strange? The Captain was one Don Van Vliet. He was a friend and contemporary of Frank Zappa (hence the... Read more »

National Anthem 2.0 by Rockstar Superstar Project F/ Guests from Trans-Siberian Orchestra

OK, if you like some harder-styled rock, then rock out with America… (By the way, I am not working with these folks, an emailer just set me the link and I thought it was a nice project.)

It's The End of Days: A Hanna Montana Tribute Act??

-By Warner Todd Huston For a Sunday headshaker, My Chicago friend Pat Hickey has alerted us to a catastrophe of Biblical proportions. The Seventh Seal is broken, he says. Why is it the end of days? Because there is now a Hannah Montana tribute Act out there plying your local Summerfests and carnivals. Seriously. A... Read more »

Helping a Chicago Hero

At the end of June while walking a Chicago street, a Chicago musician heard the cries of a woman being assaulted and went to help. Matthew Leone, a bass player for a Chicago-based band named Madina Lake, found the woman being beaten by what turned out to be her abusive husband. Like a good neighbor,... Read more »

Madonna: Sex Selling Hypocrite

-By Warner Todd Huston I guess as a youngster she was busy designing wacky, risque outfits when she should have been learning the definitions of words, but Madonna — the famed “Material Girl” — uttered a whopper recently misusing the word “irony” when she should have been using the word “hypocrite”… as in what she... Read more »