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Soros Funded MoveOn.Org Lies About Hacking Fox News Ticker

-By Warner Todd Huston What’s the best way to counter what you think are the lies coming from your opponents? Is it to make up lies of your own? Apparently MoveOn.org thinks so. On June 9, MoveOn admitted using lies, subterfuge and fraud to “counter” what they maintain is the wrong-headed thinking of Fox News.... Read more »

Obama's New 'Truth Minister' Husband of 'General Betray Us' MoveOn.Orger

-By Warner Todd Huston This week President Obama revealed his latest attempt to control the media, the Internet, and the information revealed to the people of the United States by creating a new “press” office of sorts, an Obama ministry of truth, if you will. Obama’s grandiose name for this new office is the Progressive... Read more »

PBS Sends Belated Valentine to MoveOn.org

-By Warner Todd Huston On February 18, our taxpayer-subsidized entertainers at PBS gave a little shoutout to one of their most stout supporters. On its Twitter feed on Friday, PBS heartily thanked the extremist left-wing activist group Moveon.org for its support in helping the broadcaster push for greater amounts of money from the pockets of... Read more »

Video: Left-Wing Hater Tries to Choke a Conservative Rally Attendee

-By Warner Todd Huston On October 19 outside the venue where a candidate debate was about to be held between Arizona’s Democratic Representative Gabrielle Giffords and her Republican challenger Jesse Kelly, a MoveOn.org-style, left-wing activist physically accosted a lone conservative that had the temerity to yell back and challenge the leftist’s outrageous claims. The violence... Read more »