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Grand Rapids, Michigan Refuses to be Called a Dying City!

Not long ago the City of Grand Rapids, Michigan was called a “dying city” by Newsweek. The folks living there took exception to that characterization. So, a couple of 5,000 citizens or so decided to get together and make a music video to show their civic pride… Read the story of the making of this... Read more »

Warrantless Searches By Police of Your Cell Phone

-By Warner Todd Huston News during this past week a story made the rounds that police in Michigan may be using a device in random traffic stops that instantly copies all the data on your cell phone and stores it for later use by police. It was said that this data copying is going on... Read more »

Mich. Teachers Assoc. Features Photo of Gov. Snyder as Devil on Facebook Page

-By Warner Todd Huston The Mackinac Center for Public Policy has a devil of a story. It appears that the Michigan Education Association was hosting a photo of Michigan Governor Rick Snyder replete with bloodspatters and occult symbols making the governor out to be the devil. (See image below) The Mackinac Center alerted the MEA... Read more »

Michigan: Teachers Trying to Hide Union Activism in School Email Accounts

-By Warner Todd Huston Michigan’s union thugs have found a new way to hide their on-the-job union activism from the prying eyes of public transparency — or at least they think they have. Activist school teachers are using their state-sponsored email accounts to discuss their strike ideas, their union work slow down ideas and other... Read more »

Democrat Election Fraud: Fake Tea Partiers Charged

-By Warner Todd Huston Early in 2010 two former leaders of the Michigan Democrat Party came up with a brilliant idea, one that has just gotten them charged with election fraud. Back in May of 2010, it was discovered that a new party was circulating petitions to get itself official recognized by the state as... Read more »

Tolerant Union Protester Damages Capitol Armed with Knife

-By Warner Todd Huston Law breaking and violence has always been the stock and trade of unions and today’s budget conflagrations are no different as witness the most recent threatening actions by a union thug, this one in Lansing, Michigan, the Wolverine State’s capitol city. On March 17 a man was arrested at the Capitol... Read more »

Slate Says Detroit 'Needs' Anti-Christian, America-Slamming Statue

-By Warner Todd Huston For some strange reason the left-wing Internet site Slate.com thinks that the City of Detroit needs a statue erected to an anti-Christian, anti-American pop icon. That’s right, Slate thinks that Detroit needs to diss Jesus, slam capitalism, and attack the United States of America as an evil, violent nation. Strange recommendation... Read more »

Truth in Accounting Issues: Michigan's 'Financial State of the State,' True Burden $50.1 Billion

From the Institute for Truth in Accounting… Chicago (January 6, 2011) — Today, the Institute for Truth in Accounting released Michigan’s “Financial State of the State.” After an intensive review of the State’s 2009 audited financial report the Institute determined the State is in a precarious financial position because it does not have the funds... Read more »

Minimum Wage-Pushing Democrats Don't Pay Congressional Interns

-By Warner Todd Huston Hypocrisy, they name is Democrat. Michigan’s Mackinac Center for Public Policy has laid bare another example of the hypocrisy of Congressional Democrats. In this case while those representatives that are all hot and bothered to push an ever rising minimum wage law are making noise about how inequities exist in the... Read more »

Nanny State Republican Upton Wants House Energy Committee Chair?

-By Warner Todd Huston Light bulb banning Republican Fred Upton (R, Mich) is angling to become the new GOP chair of the House Energy and Commerce Committee as the House begins to look to adjusting to reflect the Republican’s tidal wave election. Upton is a perfect example of the sort of representative that the new... Read more »